Friday, 15 January 2010

Why don't I lose weight?

Recently I haven't lost weight because I've continued to eat junk. I eat too much, and I eat the wrong things. I get such sugar cravings, and even this week I'm having trouble not giving in to them (read, I gave in to them). I don't really know how to get rid of those cravings without going on phase one (South Beach), and you're not supposed to do that when you're breastfeeding.

I also haven't lost any weight because I haven't exercised. This is partly due to having a baby who needs to be feed, changed and generally looked after, and I'm better at sitting in front of the TV feeding her than I am getting up and doing something. Like going for a walk - I'm hopeless at going for a walk without a proper purpose (like running an errand, going to the doctors, etc).

My treadmill is at my mum's house, and though that's only 20 minutes away, it's 20 minutes I can't always be bothered to drive given the choice (all the baby stuff that needs to be taken, timing it with feeds, still taking 2 hours to get out the house, the need to get out of my pyjamas before 3pm etc etc). And then the times we do make it over there, I haven't got on the treadmill until today.

I'm sure there are lots of other reasons. I'm hoping that as I begin to identify them I can begin to make changes that will result in weight loss :)

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Sorry, lack of internet at my house (I'm online at my mum's right now) so no post on Monday.
On Monday I was down, but only about 0.4! I am persevering, even if I can't always get on the net for the next little while.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Well it may just be me around here,

but I'll post anyway. I've put back on ALL the weight I had lost, and I HAVE to get rid of it again.
It's been a combination of getting pregnant (and all the 'well you are pregnant/breastfeeding so eat some more' excused) and giving up on my diet, and generally just giving it to temptation all the time. Not to mention not getting any exercise at all really for I don't know how long.

Plan of action
1. Pray and read my bible - I know this may not seem the most obvious place to start, but I know I can't do this in my own strength.

2. Get exercising. I've bought a new DVD which is another dance one. I don't reckon I'll be any good at it, but if it gets me moving and makes me laugh, it's gotta be a good thing. I'm also talking with my husband and mum about the possibility of getting my treadmill over here, but it's big and heavy and won't be easy to move, so I don't know how realistic that it.

3. Get on track with eating. I think the key will be planning, so that I don't keep grabbing junk cos it's easy. This will also mean I need to not have junky stuff in the house. Christmas etc was a big excuse to eat junk, but I think we've got rid of most of it now.

Ok, I weighed myself last Tuesday and I was 297.8.
Today (Monday, 6 days later) I am at 296.8, which is down a pound without being very good at all, so hopefully now that I'm really trying that trend will continue!