Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Day 3 of 90


10 weeks done

So, here we sit. December 31st 2008. We had a 10 week challenge in which many of us listed 3 goals. Did you meet any of your goals? Did anyone meet 2 or 3 goals? Did you learn anything about yourself?

Personally, I met none. Although I am just about done with the class I wanted I still have to turn in my final paper.
I learned that I need major organization. I have to plan out or else I don't succeed. I would love to be someone who "wings" it but I'm not. I have to put stakes on the table. I also learned that I don't cling to the Father near as much as I should. I'm happy to be saying goodbye to 2008. It's a chapter in the book of my life that I'm closing. I will continue to re-read it and learn from it.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Out with the old

In with the new. New what? New year. New habits? New desires? New (refreshed) drive? I don't know about you (except for Debs and Nikki) but Jeff and I are so tired of our old ways. We've been working on it little by little but not enough. We've worked on our old ways enough to allow us to maintain (roughly) the same weight since March or April of '07. We don't want to reach the end of 'o9 and wish that we would have been serious about...(fill in the blank). We want to be thinner. Not 10 pounds but at our goals. Yesterday I weighed in at 194.2. Bluck! January of 2010 I would like to weigh in around 140. Yep....54 pounds. That means I need to loose just about 1 pound a week. I know I can do it. I already have. I went from 260ish down to 185-190ish depending on the scale. Now, with all that said, we do hope that I become pregnant again. If or when that happens My goal of 140 will obviously change but I want to be able to look back at 2009 and know that I changed my life. That I met my battles head on.

Jeff and I began Power 90. We did a few days last week but officially started yesterday. 2 days down, 88 to go. We have committed to each other that we will finish all 90 days. We have also put some stakes on the table. We exercise 6 days a week. For each day he doesn't exercise between now and Super Bowl Sunday, I get to pick 1 football game that he doesn't get to watch. If I don't exercise, I don't get to get on the computer. Big ouch for me. He will password protect the computer so I can't get on. These stakes might seem a bit childish but we know that we need them. I couldn't even successfully complete the 10 week challenge here at OWOA.

What do you desire for 2009? Do you have a plan of action? Care to share so we can hold each other accountable?

Monday, 29 December 2008

This is the OWOA answerphone

Debs can't come to the blog right now (as she's away without internet access). If you'd like to leave your number, she'll get back to you.

(aka time to weigh-in)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Monday

Welcome to the last weigh-in before Christmas. Show us your numbers, and tell us if you've got a strategy to survive the coming week of food and fun, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the son of God, and Saviour of the world.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

It Will Be Interesting To See How This Goes...

This is my fourth pregnancy. In the past, I have taken a very common take on eating in pregnancy which goes something like this:

"Eat what you want, when you want and however much you want. You are getting big anyway...this is your chance to be a justified glutton."

This year after completing a diet where I finally shed all of the baby weight I had accumulated with three children, it became apparent to me that I had gone from one extreme to another. While I did not have an eating disorder, I definitely had some disordered thinking and behaviors associated with eating that, I believe, could have led to a real eating disorder like anorexia. Basically, although I was a size 2-4, I still felt fatter than ever. I definitely felt fatter than before I started the diet.

I have come a long way since then, but I definitely wouldn't say that I am healed of this disordered thinking. But I am thankful to the Lord that He has shown me the errors in my thinking and has shown me that He is willing and able to see me through to total healing.

So, it's just an interesting dynamic now that I am supposed to get bigger and gain weight. Will I go overboard with eating like I have with every other pregnancy and gain way too much? Or will I continually have to fight myself to not deprive my body and my baby of the food we need to have a healthy pregnancy?

Some times I slip back into the "eat whatever I want" mentality and at the same time, I get really concerned about gaining too much. Like this morning, I weighed and I had gained a pound in the past week. That is what I am supposed to do. But it feels like I was bad. I would have felt better if the scaled showed the same weight or a loss. My mind quickly sees the truth when the Holy Spirit exposes the lie, but it still bugs me that my first instinct is that a higher number on the scale means I have been bad.

I have a hard time finding balance. On one hand, it might make sense to throw out the scales so that I don't get all obsessed with them, but I really think that if I did that, I could easily revert back to total gluttony and gain way too much weight.

For now, I weigh once per more. (I used to weigh several times per day.) And I pray continually for the Lord to show me my successes and failures in His eyes. That I won't gauge them by a stupid number on the scale.

One day at a time!

[Also posted on Surrender.]

Monday, 15 December 2008

Anyone wanna weigh???

Man oh man! I've slept in till just about 8 (can't believe the kids weren't up by 6:30). Maybe it's a winter thing eh?
Anyone want to step on the scale and join me in weighing in?

Friday, 12 December 2008

An Important Message

Dear OWOA readers. Please hear this important message. You might need to have a tissue or two handy. It'll only take 10 seconds.

Click here.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sorry about the signature post thingy

Yeah. So I was playing around with a signature website and next thing I know Poof! There's some weird advertisement post here. Needless to say, I won't be getting a signature because that kind of thing erks me. Off to my other blog to delete the unwanted post.

I remembered to weigh in

Hi there! Just thought I'd write a quick post before I run out the door. I forgot to weigh in on Monday and said I'd weigh in on Tuesday and I finally remembered today, Wednesday. I'm down to 184...yeah! Getting closer to my end of year goal of 178, 6 lbs to go. I just hope I don't sabotage it this weekend. That's my problem, I loose a little, get lax, start munching on stuff I know I shouldn't, I gain what I lost, I get strict, loose again...vicious cycle. So, now that I've lost a couple, I need need need to stay on track. I want to be < 180 by end of year!

I'm off...all day conference...have a great Hump Day all!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Good morning!

How's everyone today? Is anyone around? This site has felt very quiet recently. Give me a shout if you are around.
Oh, and weigh-in

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Challenge Check in

It's been a while since I posted a check in for challenge participants. Is anyone still with me?
I must admit that I've done horribly at spending purposeful time in the Word. It doesn't look like I'll reach 180 either BUT I'm still working on it. I am however working on finishing a current class and will be working on the final project this weekend and then taking my final next week. After I'm done with this class I'll be starting 2 more.

So, hows it going for you?

Don't forget

to look back to where you've come from once in a while. It might help spur you on, and also remind you that you've actually done pretty well so far :)

This was taken in June 2006. It's the 'proof' that the photographer sends you so you can choose what to order. It was taken on my BA graduation day.

This was taken in May 2008, on my MA graduation day (I didn't do any extra work for it, it's just a Cambridge thing. I don't try to understand why they give us them, I just accept it!)

Anyone else want to show us some (still in progress) before and after pics?

Monday, 1 December 2008

Shake what yo' Mama gave ya

Welcome to Monday, and a new month. We're into the holiday season now, how are you doing? Did you survive the pull of Thanksgiving goodes, those of you who were celebrating? Have you been exercising lately? My resolve for this week is to get back into exercising on a regular basis. Weigh-in and tell us where you're at