Monday, 8 December 2008

Good morning!

How's everyone today? Is anyone around? This site has felt very quiet recently. Give me a shout if you are around.
Oh, and weigh-in


Pig wot flies said...

185.6/184.2/180 (stg)

Down 0.6. It is quiet. Maybe everybody's too busy preparing for Christmas?

Brandi said...

128.5 up 2.5
I'm not surprised...I was kinda piggish this week...had a hard time not continuing to eat past full. Food just tasted so good!

Tami said...

I'm here...and I'm up...again. We have eaten so poorly over the last week. Alright. Time to pull the boots on

ChristyF said...

I'm here. Work is so busy right now.

I'm the same. I have actually started phase one again today. The only thing I am allowing myself that's not on phase one is 1 high fiber wrap per day.

Next week has to be better!

Cristina said...

Today was a crazy day and I forgot to weigh in, so I'll weigh in tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Last week was...different...I had surgery on my gums on Wed. Tried to workout on Thursday and got dizzy, so I didn't work out on Fri and Sat but I headed back to the gym on Sun. I also had a hard time eating, so I had a lot of protein shakes and mashed potatoes AND a pint of frozen yogurt each night...not just any fro yo...ben and jerry's fro yo. So, enough of that! Back on track! Help me stay on track...check out my food on the right of home page of OWOA...I will be journaling each day!

Jessica said...

Down one. I'll take it!