Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Out with the old

In with the new. New what? New year. New habits? New desires? New (refreshed) drive? I don't know about you (except for Debs and Nikki) but Jeff and I are so tired of our old ways. We've been working on it little by little but not enough. We've worked on our old ways enough to allow us to maintain (roughly) the same weight since March or April of '07. We don't want to reach the end of 'o9 and wish that we would have been serious about...(fill in the blank). We want to be thinner. Not 10 pounds but at our goals. Yesterday I weighed in at 194.2. Bluck! January of 2010 I would like to weigh in around 140. Yep....54 pounds. That means I need to loose just about 1 pound a week. I know I can do it. I already have. I went from 260ish down to 185-190ish depending on the scale. Now, with all that said, we do hope that I become pregnant again. If or when that happens My goal of 140 will obviously change but I want to be able to look back at 2009 and know that I changed my life. That I met my battles head on.

Jeff and I began Power 90. We did a few days last week but officially started yesterday. 2 days down, 88 to go. We have committed to each other that we will finish all 90 days. We have also put some stakes on the table. We exercise 6 days a week. For each day he doesn't exercise between now and Super Bowl Sunday, I get to pick 1 football game that he doesn't get to watch. If I don't exercise, I don't get to get on the computer. Big ouch for me. He will password protect the computer so I can't get on. These stakes might seem a bit childish but we know that we need them. I couldn't even successfully complete the 10 week challenge here at OWOA.

What do you desire for 2009? Do you have a plan of action? Care to share so we can hold each other accountable?


Brandi said...

I'm proud of you, Tami! My goals are different, but I still have goals.

One is that I log all of my eating at www.photowaco.com/surrender I find it really helps hold me accountable to eat within hunger and fullness. I am not perfect at it, but it helps a lot.

Weighing in here once a week is helpful too. It is good accountability. I believe it would be a good idea for all of us to commit to weighing in every week no matter how "bad" we have been. Even if it's not on Monday...a consistent time. And actually putting the weight. Not, "Oh, I am up 2, I think." In the old days, it was (starting weight)/(current weight)/(+ or - X # of pounds) That is true accountability. Those of us at goal just put the current weight. Please understand, I am totally not trying to tell anyone what to do, just a suggestion for those who feel stuck. :-)

Another goal of mine is to get back to my arm weights. I aim for 4-5 times per week. I would love to be bugged about that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brandi. I'll try to keep you accountable with arm weights. Jeff and I will be doing weights 3x a week. Let me tell you that at 5:30 in the morning...well, I'm just going to have to work on my attitude of enjoyment. As for how we enter our weight. I agree. I think we should make an effort to go back to the old way. (starting weight)/(current weight)/(short term or long term goal) and then +/- amount. I'll take the lead and do it next week. My starting weight will be yesterdays weight.

ChristyF said...

Well I have the same "stuck" issues. I would like to get past this who up and down game. I agree with the weighing in comment. I liked it better when we did all three numbers. It seemed to work better for me anyway. I had to face the numbers, even if I didn't like them! Thanks for the post.

Have a happy New Year!

Debs said...

Yes, i've been meaning to do the numbers thing again, so i'll start that again today when i weigh in - i weighed this morning, so i'm calling that my start for this year.

Debs said...

plan of action as it stands - get on the treadmill every day that it's physically possible, and stay on the beach!
I'll let you know if my plan becomes more detailed than that!