Wednesday, 31 December 2008

10 weeks done

So, here we sit. December 31st 2008. We had a 10 week challenge in which many of us listed 3 goals. Did you meet any of your goals? Did anyone meet 2 or 3 goals? Did you learn anything about yourself?

Personally, I met none. Although I am just about done with the class I wanted I still have to turn in my final paper.
I learned that I need major organization. I have to plan out or else I don't succeed. I would love to be someone who "wings" it but I'm not. I have to put stakes on the table. I also learned that I don't cling to the Father near as much as I should. I'm happy to be saying goodbye to 2008. It's a chapter in the book of my life that I'm closing. I will continue to re-read it and learn from it.


Vickie said...

I did not do so well either. I did not make any of my goals. I have made steps in working in the right direction for 2009. I bought a heart rate monitor and my husband and I have hired a nutritionist.

I have not been dependent on the Father either in this journey of this course in my life. Without His help, I can do nothing.

Thank you for putting this challenge together.

I'm looking forward to good things in 2009!

Debs said...

I don't actually remember what my goals were, but since I've piled on the pounds since the challenge started, i figure that I haven't completed it!

Thanks Tami for keeping this site alive at the moment. I'm trying to balance real life and online at the moment, and neither seems to be winning yet...!

Jessica said...

My goals were to lose around 12 pounds to weigh in under 190, reading the Torah portion each week, and make it to the gym three times a week. I didn't meet any of them. I lost about five pounds and only read the weekly Torah portion about three or four times.

I was doing great on making it to the gym until mid-December, when Portland was hit with a massive snow storm and the whole city basically shut down. The buses stopped running and my gym started closing early in the day so I couldn't go after work.

Although I didn't meet my goals, I'm glad I made them. I think they made me more conscious, in a good way; I know now that when I do read the Torah portion, it really deepens my experience of Shabbat. It's a goal for the New Year, for sure.

Cristina said...

My 3 goals were...
1) weight in at 179 or less
2) read 2 books: The Shack and The Beck Diet Soluition
3) clean out my closet and my daughters closet

I met goal #2 and 1/2 of #3, I cleaned out my daughter's closet.

Regarding The Beck Diet Solution, I read the book quite fast and I like what it had to say. I think I'm going to re-read and follow/do what it says to do in order to teach myself to think like a thin person.

I hope to start the week of Jan 5th...I'll keep you posted.

Cristina said...
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