Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I remembered to weigh in

Hi there! Just thought I'd write a quick post before I run out the door. I forgot to weigh in on Monday and said I'd weigh in on Tuesday and I finally remembered today, Wednesday. I'm down to 184...yeah! Getting closer to my end of year goal of 178, 6 lbs to go. I just hope I don't sabotage it this weekend. That's my problem, I loose a little, get lax, start munching on stuff I know I shouldn't, I gain what I lost, I get strict, loose again...vicious cycle. So, now that I've lost a couple, I need need need to stay on track. I want to be < 180 by end of year!

I'm off...all day conference...have a great Hump Day all!


Brandi said...

You can do it, Cristina! The joy of reaching your goal will be totally worth the sacrifice!! :-)

Elly said...

Yes well done. Just don't give up.