Saturday, 31 October 2009

Any Goals?

It's good to see some friendly faces around here.

I managed to spark lots of panicked warnings when I talked about weight loss on my blog and facebook, so I'll clarify that although yes, I hate how I look at the moment, I'm not about to rush into any restrictive diet to get it all off quick. What I want to do is work on my healthy eating habits and dump the junk, whilst also beginning to get out and about with Sophia to give us both some fresh air, and me to get a bit of gentle exercise.

(Quick aside, my baby girl has hiccups, and it's so cute to hear, but a little heartwrenching to see her whole body shaking with them!)

So you all know where I stand at the moment. Anyone else got some goals they'd like to share? I see DebbieBoo needs accountability with exercise. Girl, I will bug you like crazy if you'd like me too!

Thursday, 29 October 2009


People are still around. It's good to see you guys.
Anyone wanting to see pictures of my baby girl can check my blog.
Ok, night feed is over so I'm heading back to bed. But I'll be back again soon..

Oh, just weighed myself (yes at 6am, but I figured I should do it while Sophia was asleep and let me!) and I'm back up to 272.2. That is horrible, and yet I knew it. I suspected I was probably in the 260s, I can feel it in my face and my energy levels and everything. I need to get rid of this weight.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Is there anybody out there?

Ok, so my baby is here. Sophia Louise is three weeks old today. And I NEED to lose weight again. I know that I wasn't good with my eating habits while I was pregnant, and they've got worse since I gave birth, so it's time to take hold of them again. I'm not sure how much I weigh (I need to get my scales from my mum's house) but I know it's LOTS. I can tell cos I can see it on my belly and my thighs, and in my face.

I went shopping on Monday to get some trousers, since I was pregnant over the summer and the few maternity clothes I have are all too cold for the Autumn. I got a pair of black jeans, but it was quite depressing that I needed a size 24. That's only one size down from what I was wearing at the start of my weight loss journey a couple of years ago.

I know that it's still only 3 weeks since I gave birth, so I still need to be easy on myself. I need to rest and make sure I'm getting lots of sleep. For my sake, and Sophia's, but I also know that losing weight will help me feel so much more energetic and so much happier. So, this is it, I'm on the weigh again. I know that accountability helps me, so I'll be weighing in here (One weigh or Another) and I'm posting this post on my personal weight loss blog too (Can big change to beautiful?).

Is there anyone out there?! (Whether or not you're joining me in losing weight, it'd be cool to know if anyone is still reading this blog!)