Thursday, 29 October 2009


People are still around. It's good to see you guys.
Anyone wanting to see pictures of my baby girl can check my blog.
Ok, night feed is over so I'm heading back to bed. But I'll be back again soon..

Oh, just weighed myself (yes at 6am, but I figured I should do it while Sophia was asleep and let me!) and I'm back up to 272.2. That is horrible, and yet I knew it. I suspected I was probably in the 260s, I can feel it in my face and my energy levels and everything. I need to get rid of this weight.


Brandi said...

Don't be too hard on are still healing. Make sure you are getting plenty of protein, iron, etc.

What is your goal?

Debs said...

At the moment I'm not having a weight loss goal, rather my aim is to clean up my eating habits and gradually add in some exercise, which for starters will just be getting out walking with Sophia in the buggy

Tami said...

Hi Debs! Yep, I still check in on occasion and Sophia Louise is a doll! Walking with her in the buggy is great! That's when I first started to loose weight. Pushing 2 babies in a stroller. For the days that it is rainy or cold I suggest Leslie Sansone if you can get your hand on her. It was a saving grace when we moved to WA and were in an upstairs apartment.

nikki said...

You can totally do this. If you are breastfeeding (which I think you are) just know that some women lose weight fast, but some hold onto it until they are done. Its weird. I never can lose weight nursing, but I have never REALLY tried hard either. You can do this Debs, we are all behind you! You have to gain weigh being pregnant and it will come off.