Monday, 13 December 2010

Monday weigh-in

Good Monday all!

It seems like the site is starting to slow a bit again. I know this is a busy time of year, but I am going to try to remember to post, even through the holidays. Don't feel obligated to respond, if you don't have time. I just need to accountability of the blog to stay on track.

My numbers today are 153/153/125/ No change.

That is actually a good thing for me. I have been to a couple of Christmas parties over the past few days and there was LOTS of "off-limits" foods. I managed to stay on track anyway! Now, that's a big deal. Anyway, happy Monday to you all.


Tami said...

I'll weigh in with you! :-) Debs, Debbieboo, where are you? Let's see, 198.6/198.6/190(stg) Sigh. I was down to 193.? in September/October. Goals, to eat with focussed intent. The last couple of weeks I've just been eating because. I initially had planned to walk 15 miles this week (total) but have been under the weather the last couple of days and today my throat is a bit more scratchy, my voice is getting deeper and washing the dishes leaves me in a nasty sweat.

Debbie said...

Hello ladies! So sorry for a belated comment!
I think I'm up about 1.5 from last time I officially weighed in. I've not been sticking to the diet and exercise is sporadic. Things are hectic this week and I don't see this horrible pattern changing. *sigh*

Please be praying for my uncle. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor last fall. He made it well past the 6-9 month diagnosis the dr gave him, but this morning he would not wake up and is unresponsive. The hospice nurse doesn't think he has much time -- could be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Pray for my grandma, especially. Thank you so much!

ChristyF said...

Praying Debbie. May God comfort your family during this difficult time.

Debs said...

Praying, debbieboo.

Uh, i have no idea what i was last time i weighed here. But yesterday (thursday) I was 292. I think that's up. But down from where i have been lately I think.

sorry guys, i've barely blogged at all lately. I am still wanting to do this though.