Monday, 3 January 2011

New year, new resolve

Good morning folks!

I think I've found my weigh-loss mojo again. Hurrah! On New Years Eve I decided, right that's it, and it's going well. You can do it too!

(I'm blogging day by day at my weightloss blog, so you can go and see how I'm doing if you want!)


Debs said...

291 (down four!)

Elly said...

you need to put the link I think

Debs said...

well it's on the sidebar. I knew I hadn't put it in the post.

Pigwotflies said...

Right, new year, new start.
Weight yesterday 98.5 kg
STG 90kg

ChristyF said...

I'm with you! I've found my mojo again too... woohoo!

153/152/125. Not sure, but I think that's down 1!

Have a great day ladies!

Tami said...

198.6/197.1/190 stg
-1.5! Yippee. I was gifted a 1 month trial and free registration fee at Curves and began yesterday. 2 days in and would you believe I was there at 6am this morning?!

Elly said...

where is the link - I canonly find one to your regular blog

Debbie said...

Hi all!

Elly, she has it under the "Useful Link" category, not the Blogroll.

Ok, new year, new start.
My new starting weight as of this morning is 247.8. I gained about 5 lbs in the last two months, but at least I'm not back where I was in August. I'm still searching for my weight-loss mojo . . . let me know if you spot it!

Debs said...

sorry, wasn't trying to be annoying. yes big to beautiful, down on the useful links bit. Thanks Boo

You can do it! Remember how yummy some meals on phase one can be. I'm getting creatvie with my slow cooker and soups and also with salads.

The other day I grilled a chicken breast (on my new grill! Thanks Menard) and then put on the top some mozzarella, whole grain mustard and thyme and melted that in the microwave for a bit, and it was delicious and made the lettuce etc a bit more exciting!

Tami said...

Just read this quote and posted it on my blog:
"A journey may change your location, but a process changes you."
I LOVE it! seriously true for me. I always call this my weightloss journey but have I truly changed? I don't think so. If I had, I wouldn't be taking this journey over and over and over again.