Monday, 6 April 2009


With Debs and family having so much going on...(Congrats Debs and Menard), I thought I would put up today's weigh in post. So ladies and your numbers. I am flying to Minnesota for work in the morning. The staff meetings are always hard for eating(lots of food..good food). Hopefully I can just say no to the desserts. Have a good week!!


ChristyF said...

No change for me this week.

Cristina said...

Yes, congrats Debs and Menard. Debs, can't wait to hear all about your special day!
Christy, thanks for putting up the post. Wishing you safe travels!

I went down 2lbs...yeah!

Nikki said...

Dowm 1. 186. Hooray for Debs and her LOVE! Happy honeymoon.

Pig wot flies said...

Well done Christy, I just wondered if anyone had put up a weigh in post and lo and behold, you had.

Yesterday was wonderful! Debs was beautiful and smiley, she and Menard are very happy and now honeymooning in the Lake District. Elly is collapsing in a heap, but had a lovely time yesterday, especially on the dance floor! HP and I (Bekki) had fun being bridesmaids. There are plenty of photos on my flickr stream.

Oh yes, weight!


I can't remember whether that's up or down. I think it's down from 2 weeks ago when I last weighed in but up from last Monday morning. Last week I was away at a Christian conference (New Word Alive) which disrupted my usual routine. More walking than usual, but also more cake and biscuits. Add in yesterday's yumminess (lots of wonderful Jamaican food, mmmm, goat curry, rice and peas!) and my period starting today and that's a recipe for weight gain. Must stop beating myself up and actually plan positive steps to losing weight.

Elly said...

166.8 today Tuesday which is much the same as last week. I seem to be holding steady around here so I think I shall just have to take it although I would like to get under 164 which is where I was at the begining of the year.

Wedding was great. Very tired and just getting back into things slowly. Forgot to weigh yesterday which is not surprising.

Where is Bird? I think you were weighing on Thursdays. Be good to know how you are doing.

Well done Nikki and Cristina, small steps are good. Don't despair ChristyF, no change isn't up!