Wednesday, 4 November 2009

not a weigh in post

because I know that I shouldn't be getting het up about my weight at the moment, but just need a couple of weeks focusing on on eating healthily and getting some fresh air and exercise.
Tami asked if I'd eaten better at the weekend - To be honest I haven't got a clue what I ate yesterday, let alone the weekend, but I think that yes, I am more aware (at the time I put it in my mouth) of what I'm eating.

We didn't get out yesterday as the weaher was horrible, and Sophia and I were both a bit under the weather, but the sun is shining today and we're out (I'm writing this at my mum's) so hopefully we'll have a walk a bit later.

How's everyone else going?


Missy said...

I hope you do get out for a walk today! Keep up the awareness and healthy eating.

My Dad is in town and took me for a walk this morning, taught me some good stretches to help with my aches. Two weeks of this might get me back to a good habit!

nikki said...

I started being aware today. I know the next week will be tough cause I have just begun to miscarry, but I plan to be careful and aware of what I eat. I really want to be heathier next time I get pregnant. I neeeeeed to get healthier so that I have the energy to homeschool 2 kids and have a toddler while carrying a baby. So that is the plan. 20 lbs in 3 months and a healthier body.