Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Looks like a Tuesday weigh-in

Hi all- I know everyone is busy with Thanksgiving coming up. Monday came and went with me totally forgetting to weigh-in. So here's to Tuesday! Have a great week!!


ChristyF said...

SAME here. No change this week. So, I am NOT reaching my goal by Thanksgiving like I wanted too. That's okay. I did over an hour of cardio at the gym this morning. So at least I feel stronger!

Debs said...

Hey y'all sorry about the lack of weigh-in post. I forgot to weigh and then I forgot to post!

I weighed today and I was up 2. So that's back up the 4 I lost two weeks ago. I need to stop eating rubbish and exercise, and that's that! Here's to better news next week.

Christy, no change is better than up! Hang in there.

Debbie said...

I forgot to weigh yest as well, so thanks for posting this today, Christy!

I was up to 244, which is about 1.5 up from last wk. I actually walked a lot this past week, but I did eat horribly. Plus I'm retaining water this week so that doesn't help. Also, we've been eating more beef than before since there have been so many good sales on it and that I know makes a difference for me. Hopefully I won't over due it on Thursday!