Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy New Month

How do you plan to make November an effective month for you with regards to weight loss and exercise?
Weigh in, and let us know if you have a plan. I've realised I need a plan, and thus, I will attempt to create one!


Debbie said...

Hi Debs!
Around the time you were typing this post I realized I had completely forgotten to weigh in! I've had a wacky schedule which has thrown me off and this week I have my nephews and niece, so I woke up preoccupied w/ having to get them fed and settled and completely forgot! I'll weigh in the morning.
Personally, the last week has been HORRIBLE w/ regards to weight loss and exercise. Even tho I haven't been able to exercise much I could've still stayed on track w/ the eating, but of course I didn't. *sigh*
So, I need to get back to logging my food and exercise at Spark People b/c it really is an amazing tool that helps keep me on track. I HIGHLY recommend it and if you're interested I'll write a post giving more info (there's just too much to add to this already too long comment!).
I also need to get back to drinking my 8-12 glasses of water day, which was hard to do while suddenly subbing in a class for 2+ wks.
I'll let y'all know how it goes! Hope others are faring better than I!

Debs said...

Boo, that sounds interesting, please do tell us more about sparkpeople.

I just realised I forgot to weigh in. I was down 1. Can't for the life of me think what from, or to. I'm currently feeling really rough with a horrible cold thing.

So at the moment my plan is to GET WELL AND STAY WELL!

ChristyF said...

I missed weigh in as well. Seems like it has been crazy for everyone. My plan is to work on smaller portion sizes and to continu going to the gym at least 3 times per week. Monday morning, I jogged 2 miles! I haven't done that in years! When I made it to one mile, I thought I would see how much longer I could go, By the time I was finished, I had jogged 3 miles. The key was to watch my pace. I am also doing weights.

I plan to weigh today, but I'm not sure how accurate it will be. Halloween candy was a BIG problem for me this past weekend. My tummy still is not "right". It's the price I pay. ;)