Monday, 4 October 2010

Hello October

Sorry folks, didn't get a chance to post this earlier.
How's it going?
I've had a pretty crappy week with regards to eating, and as such am up two pounds. Yuck. Need to get on track. I've also noticed that eating any sugar is giving me a headache, so that's another reason to get back on track and cut out those headaches.
Any one got some ideas how to get things buzzing around here again?


Missy said...

197.5/193/183. Two down from two weeks ago. Sorry I skipped out - man, life can get over your head.

I've just been walking more and eating less. It sounded like a good plan. ;)

Sorry the weeks been tough, Debs. Praying this new one is terrific. :)

ChristyF said...

Way to go Missy!

Debs, don't be too discouraged. Hope your week gets better.

We do need to get things a buzzing again around here. I have great intentions with posting, but just seem to not get around to it.

So my goal this week will be to post a recipe!

My weight is same, but I think it is partially water retention from salty foods. I did join a gym last Friday. I really enjoy the gym and seem to get more workouts in at the gym than I would at home. I actually jogged an ENITRE MILE on the treadmill today! It has been a while since I have been able to do that! I was really pushing, but am so glad I did. Hopefully I can do more in the next month or so.

Debbie said...

WAY TO GO, CHRISTY!!! I'm huffing and puffing after jogging 60 secs, so it's amazing to me you were able to go a whole mile!

Great job w/ the loss, Missy! Your plan must be working if you've had a loss!

Don't get too discouraged, Debs! You can do it! I'm proud of you for losing what you've lost, and now that you know that sugar gives you headaches as well as extra weight, you have even more reason to avoid it! I'll pray you have the willpower to do so.

Here are my stats:
255/243.8/239.8 (stg)

I'm down .8 from last week!
I started the Couch to 5K training program and finished the first week already. I thought I might have a gain from the muscle mass that I feel firming up in my legs, so the fact that I had a loss is pleasantly surprising! I'll let y'all know if I'm able to keep it up. My foot has been mysteriously numb at the end of my "runs" and I had some bad knee pain last night. I'm taking two days off from running and am taking anti-inflammatories, started taking glucosimine daily, and am icing my knee as needed. So hopefully all that works!

Hope you ladies have a terrific Tuesday!

Pig wot flies said...

I'm the same as last week, 96kg. That's OK, I suppose, though I'd like it to go down!

I need to do more exercise. I didn't do any over the weekend. Walking to and from the car doesn't count. Must get back on the bike. :)