Monday, 11 October 2010

step by step, we'll get there

Well, we better get the big news out the way.... Sophia's started walking! (hence the title of this post)

I'm happy this morning cos I'm back down 2lb (taking me to 291lb), which is where I was two weeks ago, but more importantly, it's despite this! Actually, the remembrance of the nasty headaches that sugar give me has been a pretty good deterrent. I had one small piece of cake on the day, and then cut it up and sent it off with family, just leaving a small bit here for Menard. I have to get through her party today, but I think it'll be ok. I'm making homemade pizza, with wholemeal flour and lots of veg and then salad to go with it (and I'll load up with that and the veggies for the dip) and mini cakes, but I'll either have one or none of those.

How are things with you?


Debs said...

Did pretty well I think - one small piece of pizza and loads of salad. A few tortilla chips (and i'm about to throw the rest away so they don't tempt me - it's only a few, but still, better they go).

I didn't have any cake, although i had a little bit of icing (well i had to test it was ok when i was making it)

And the party was a success. Sophia had a lovely time with her friends, and the mummys and not-yet mummys enjoyed it too :)

Pig wot flies said...

Well done Debs.

I'm at 96.3kg, which is up 0.3. I did go down in the week, but then ate too many nice things at the weekend. I suspect I may eat more nice things this week as it's my birthday on Wednesday. I shall try not to go too mad.

ChristyF said...

Good job Debs!

Bekki- It's your BDAY- you get to eat nice things.

I am working out of town this week, so not weigh in. I did have a great week of workouts last week. We also had to get hay for the horses over the weekend. Now THAT is a workout! So, I am in a hotel for the week, but they have a workout room and I am taking advantage of it. I will do my best to make wise food decisions as I travel. It's always tough when I am on the road to eat the right stuff. Have a great week!

Debbie said...

Hello, my friends!

Well, it was a busy-crazy week last week, so no weigh in for me. My grandma passed away on Fri, but we had all been keeping vigil since Wed, the day the drs thought she would pass. Everyone was basically at her house all day wed, thurs and fri and if there's one thing i realized abt Mexicans it's that they can EAT, esp under such circumstances! Needless to say, all thoughts of diet and exercise went out the window. The only regret I had was that I didn't get to continue w/ wk 2 of C25K and see how much more I could run. I'm worried my stamina is already gone. Plus I'm fighting a cold of some sorts, and I never know if I should exercise or not under such circumstances.

Anyways, although she will be missed, my grandma is w/ her Heavenly Father now. She lived a good long life of 93 years and kept the faith until the end. And if there's one thing I know it's that she would've been very pleased that everyone was at her house eating! Lol! And she definitely would've been proud of the fact that I made Mexican Chicken Soup (called Caldo de Pollo) for no fewer than 25 family members!

Elly said...

So glad your grandma had such a good end. Agree you can't really think about diet and exercise in such circumstances. Thinking of you and your family through the next few days as you have arrangements to make etc and just gettting to used to the fact she is no longer there. Love and hugs.

Debs said...

Oh Debbie, thinking of you and the family at this time. Sounds like you gave your grandma a send off to be proud of :)

(now, get back on track!)

ChristyF said...

So sorry to hear about your grandma. A tough week for sure.

Will keep you and your family in my prayers.