Monday, 9 February 2009

Let's shake it up around here

Good morning, and once again welcome to Monday.

It's been pretty quiet around here the last few weeks, and I'm sorry I haven't been around very much. Anyway, I dreamt the following idea last night, and I thought I'd give it a go.
I don't have the mental energy to organise a big competition or challenge right now, but I thought we could give some mini challenges a go...

What I'll do is each day for the next week or so I'll post a mini challenge. If you're feeling organised you can do the challenge on the day it's posted, or you can do it the next day, which gives you a chance to think about how to fit it into your schedule. If you do the challenge, come back and leave a comment on the post for that challenge, and let us know how you did. Does that make any sense at all?!

I haven't really thought about anything like prizes. I'm not sure it would work to have prizes, as I don't plan on checking up on anyone, or recording whether or not you complete the challenges (although I will obviously be reading the comments if you leave them). What I'd like to suggest is that if you'd like to, you could think of some sort of non-food related treat that you could work towards, and set yourself a personal goal - for example, if I complete 5 of the challenges this week I will xyz.

I promise that the challenges won't be too hard, or time consuming. My idea is just that they help us to keep our focus on being fit and healthy, and on our relationships with God.

Today's challenge:
(This may take a little bit of extra time, but it's just an excuse for me to be a bit nosey, I guess!)
Weigh in, and tell me what you're currently doing with regards to food-plan/diet-plan/exercise/any or all of the above. Also, think about whether you'd like to set yourself a challenge goal.

(Does that all make sense? My brain feels a littlew mushy today, so if you have any questions, or something isn't clear, please ask!)


Stephine said...

Let's see. Wii Fit boards says 162lb.
I've been stalled here for months now. Bad eating and not enough exercise. Yep. Both. Still happy that it's not a gain, I've hovered between 159-163 since May '08.

The past week I've been doing a bit of my own plan, counting calories and watching what I'm putting in my mouth and why I'm eating at the current time. (ie mood) I started working back in November, my last day there is the 25th since the kids and I will be moving back down closer to my husband. The distance is too much stress. So I'm going to continue observing my habits and amke a plan from there. Exercise has been a bit more in the "eh" department. I'm on my feet for 7-8hrs or more per day and my legs are so swollen and sore by the end of the day that all I want to do is relax. I've tried exercise in the mornings but I seem to hurt worse so I don't do it. Only time I really get a chance to move my body like I should is on days off or on days I only work 4-6 hours. Better then nothing i suppose.

Challenge wise, I'd love to do something here in about a month or so, I'd be too busy with the move to check in and so forth any time before that. If someone can come up with a point system or something of the sort that wold be cool. I certainly need a goal to aim towards. I'm a kind of competitive person. Oh, I also have a prize I'd be willing to donate. I've got a lovely set of handmade cards that I'm sure someone would love to have. :o)

Sorry for the novel. ;o)

Nikki said...

I can not even believe the numbers today! I am so embarassed to say. Up 5!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even try to explain other than I have been eating way too much (sinfully too much) and it shows.

Currently...I am eating way too much and not sticking to any plan. You can see how well that is working out for me. I was supposed to be doing Weight Watchers, but I haven't been. I think I better start! My challenge goal? Not sure if I understand that right or not, but I have a short term goal of 175 and a long term goal of 150...but that is pretty extreem. We will see.

Pig wot flies said...

188/186.6/180 (stg)

Up 2, but it is a water retaining time of the month, so I'll probably go down in the next few days.

Debs said...

Nikki, i think what I was trying to say is think if you'd like to think of a way that you could treat yourself if you complete the little challenges.
Does that make sense?

I'm at 226.8, which is up about 3 from last week, and really NOT good.
I'm supposed to be on south beach, but i haven't been doing very well at sticking to it recently, hence the gain.
Exercise, i've also not been doing too well at lately. I need to get on the treadmill and I'm going to start swimming on a regular basis. Just trying to get over a chest infection first.

Elly said...

162.6 holding steady
sorry forgot to weigh in yesterday and really I feel a fraud as I am not trying to lose any more.
I am sticking to principles learnt on south beach and realy trying to eat healthily. usually low fat and limit the carbs. stick to good ones, Low GI. But I can eat the occasional treat now and it doesn't blow it. I think I really have trained my tast buds not to enjoy over sweet stuff and my stomach not to eat too much befor it feels full.
I am trying to keep up the exercise but apart from the weekly swim not sure I am doing too well. I will join in the minichallenges this week which may help. Not enough brain to think what my personal challenge needs to be.

ChristyF said...

I forgot to report my weigh in from yesterday. No change this week.

The challenges sound great to me!

Cristina said...

I weighed in this morning, Tue, and I was down 2lbs to 190. I'm glad I'm down but 190 is still a number I'm revisiting, so I need to keep this steady and keep going down to where I haven't

I'll post more is kicking my bootie. :(