Monday, 2 February 2009

Monday morning is here again

We have snow here. Great big snow (well, I say great big - it's a few inches, but enough to bring London to a standstill, almost! And with more to come)
What's the weather like where you are?

I feel like my weight loss is a bit stuck at the moment. I need to do something to kick start it again. I guess I need to get strict with myself again, it feels like things have got a bit too relaxed.


Debs said...

Down 1 from last week

Elly said...

163.2 goal is around 164
Down 3 from last week so back on track (that was due to our weekend away)
No buses running here, some schools shut etc so a different day to usual for many.

Nikki said...

Its going to be around 68 here in N. CA today. I think we shall hit the park!!! I am the same as last week. I was down 2 before yesterday! WOOPS! I guess I was pretty bad! We had 19 people at our house for the game. It was really fun! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Pig wot flies said...

188/184.6/180 (stg)

Down 4.8, apparently. I have no idea what that's about. Although last Monday's was after consuming a fair bit of pizza on Sunday, so maybe some of the weight was retained water?

Anyway, that's happy making. If I did that again next week, I'd have reached my short term goal. I think that's unlikely, but still, losing two weeks a row is a good feeling.

ChristyF said...

I'm up 2...143/145/125.

I had a really fun weekend and ate lots of salty foods. I hope that's my issue. We will see.

Have a good day.

ChristyF said...
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Brandi said...

Hi y'all. I am going to be taking an break from weighing myself for an undetermined period of time. I had a really hard time last week. There was a lot of unrelated stuff going on, but my 2 lb. gain kind of threw me. (You are welcome to read more here: sorry I don't know how to link it.)

After prayer, I believe the Lord has told me that I need to not weigh for a while so that my goal moves from being thin to following Him with my eating. If it's okay, I will still hang around here, though!

Debs said...

Brandi, that sounds like a sensible idea. Keep hanging with us if you can, we love to have you :)
big hugs and lots of prayers x

Elly said...

Great Bekki. And I am hoping for you others Nikki, christyf that it will prove the case that one day's bad eating doesn't undo the general goood habits. just remember to keep it up.
Brandi sounds a sensible move. Just keep eating well and healthily.
Where is Bird?
Oh and Debs you went down too. that's good.

Bird said...

I'm here!

I weighed in at 190.5, which is down .5 from last week. I've lost now every week for three or for weeks, so not doing too badly.

Elly said...

Well done Bird. Keep it up. YOu can do it.

Cristina said...

I remembered to weigh in this a.m. As mush I hate to post it...I must. Up 2, I'm at 192. Last week I ate aweful, I'm determined to turn it around this week.