Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Midweek check in

How's everyone doing? It's the superbowl soon, right? How do you plan to deal with all the junk food that that seems to generate? (Thanks Christina for sharing some recipes)
How's your spiritual life? When did you last read your bible? Are you getting spiritual food as well as physical?


Debs said...

Exercise didn't really happen Friday through til yesterday, but today I did 23 minutes on the treadmill. Yes, random number I know, but hey!

We had a church weekend away, and had some useful and challenging teaching.

Cristina said...

Hi Debs! Thanks for checking in on us. Not going so good. Yesterday we had an ice storm go through, so school was closed. Kept my daughter home and I worked from home and I just ate everything in sight. School is closed again today BUT before eating everything in sight, I will stop, drop and roll...I mean, stop, think and pray about it. :)
I DID go out and exercise yesterday...went to the gym and did 30 min on the stair master and 30 min on the elliptical. Assuming the gym is open today, I will make my way out at some point and get some exercise in today too.
I really need to work more on the spiritual part of my life...I need to do more.

Jessica said...

I'm doing okay. The Superbowl won't present any temptations for me, since I don't plan on watching it or going to a party (honestly, if left to my own devices I wouldn't have even known it was this weekend).

Spiritual work has been difficult for the past month. My rabbi passed away in a tragic accident while he was on vacation on January 6, and our community is still reeling from the loss (I have more details on my blog). It's a very fragile, holy, raw time for us. At his burial it was suggested that we all think of a mitzvah (commandment, holy point of connection to God) to take on in our rabbi's memory. I've been trying to remember to say some of the traditional prayers upon going to bed and waking up--the Sh'ma (Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is One) when I go to sleep, and Modah Ani when I wake up, a prayer that praises God's thankfulness for returning us from sleep to the plane of action.

Pig wot flies said...

Oh Jessica, I'm so sorry. Sounds like an awful time for you. Praying for God's comfort for you.

Foodwise, this week's gong rubbishly. Again. I think I'm planning the day wrongly. Or not planning. I do OK for breakfast and lunch, but the time between lunch and dinner is when everything falls apart. I get very hungry about 4 and need to eat something. Trouble is, I'm usually bored then too and end up eating rubbish for something to do. Not good.

Spriritually, better than it has for a while. I'm reading through Hebrews, which is amazing. I'm remembering to make a regular time to pray and read my Bible and it's good. Still, things seem to fall apart in the afternoons there too. If I planned in a Bible study in the afternoon, maybe that would help we keep going and not get bored and start eating? I dunno.

Sometimes I feel happier in my skin than I have for a while and wonder why I'm still trying to lose weight. And at others I look at my big flabby stomach and think, oh yes, that's why. Sigh. I feel like I'm fighting battles on too many fronts at once, losing them all and I don't know which to prioritise.

Nikki said...

Pig wot flies...I bet you are not losing them all, just not winning as fast as you like!

I was really really bad today! But really good yesterday. Well pretty good. I plan on being good until Sunday and being semi naughty on Sunday. That is how I will deal with it...just by not being too bad.

Spiritually...Good. Could be better, but good. My husband and I pray together at night so sometimes I don't take the time to remember to have just MY time with the Lord. I need to be in the word more, but I have been a little better this week. God is really working on me to trust him with out finances. Its been a blessing. I can really see Him working in our lives!