Monday, 19 January 2009

In my dream last night

I came up with this awesomely wonderful original title for this week's weigh-in, and now I can't remember it, so you got this instead.

Nikki, thanks for persevering with the site, despite not liking seeing your own posts at the top! I've had a hectic-ly busy few days, but hopefully things will calm down a bit this week.

How's everyone? It was great to find out a bit more about some of you (I'll go back and add a bit about me too, I promise!)
This week I've made the decision that I need to be really strict with myself. Boot Camp like, in fact. Today, and every day for the next five days I will be going on my treadmill. Whether I feel like it or not. We're going away at the weekend, but I will endeavour to exercise while I'm away, and then once I'm home again it's back to exercising. I'm gonna try to create a habit, and exercise every day for the rest of the month. Anyone want to join me?

Um, I'll say that I have to do at least 15 minutes on my treadmill for it to count. I now have a small child sitting on my lap helping me type, so I'm going to end this post here.


Debs said...

Oh, i need to weigh-in too.
(Little one was pulling me away from the computer earlier!)

oh, and when i said to the end of the month, i really meant at least that long - I know to create a habit ideally it's 21 days. (I'm also a little in the habit of not having a clue how far through the month we've actually got. But having looked at the date, I realise that yes, i will be continuing into february)

Elly said...

Debs looks like you have reversed the trend. Well done.
Still below goal and a loss this week which surprised me but I was hungry yesterday afternon evening and worried I was blowing it, obviously not.
I need to get back into exercising more this week. Still aching from coughing so will take it steady. I have just had my bike serviced - it has been in the shed for 3 years, just need to be brave enough to ride it. It is rather hilly round here so I am worrried about being too ambitious in what I can do.

Nikki said...

You can do it ladies!!! I am 185 stll. 190/185/160 (changed from 150). Way too much eating this weekend! I wasn't too bad about what I ate, but I ate a lot of good stuff!

Pig wot flies said...


Up 0.8. Not good! Last week was a bad week, since I was in pain and comfort eating. I suppose I could try to argue that inflamed tissue retains more water, but I'm not convinced.

ENOUGH! Time to get serious. I think I said that last week, didn't I? Oh dear.

Goals for this week:
At least 30 minutes vigorous exercise a day. (Not hard, when you consider how much I cycle, but I've been going rather slowly while my arm's been painful because I haven't wanted to use my left brake.)
Eat sensibly - 3 carb servings, 5 fruit and veg, very little sugar.

Some of me thinks I ought to do phase 1 again, but I don't like how sick it makes me feel. We'll see.

Nikki said...

I don't like how I feel on it either Pig Wot Flies. My poor husband HATES when I am on Phase1. Perhaps you could just do a phase2 with out grains, just fruit? Just a thought? Good luck.

Cristina said...

I'm down 2. I weighed myself before spin class this morning and I was 190, then weighed after spin and I was 188, so I'll take 188...LOL. Kind of cheating but I figured that just means I have to work extra hard for weigh in next week or it'll backfire. :)

ChristyF said...

143/142/125. No change.

I'm a little disappointed, considering I have been working out daily and for over an hour each day. Hopefully that means I'm building some muscles.

Debs said...

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill today, and i do love it. It feels so good. Remind me that when i'm resisiting getting on it!

Nikki said...

Nice job Debs! I am proud of you.

Jessica said...

200/199/170. Up .5 from last week.

Bird said...

Last week I neglected to weigh in here, but I did lost a pound last week at 192.5.

This week I'm at 192 so that's another half pound.

That's too weeks of loss, even though the total is only 1.5 pounds. Oh well, I'll take it! :-)

Brandi said...

Great, Cristina and Bird!!
136 baby GIRL and I are up one pound :-)

Elly said...

Good to see you Bird and well done.

Nikki said...

Congrats on the GIRL Brandi!!! How fun!

Cristina said...

Oh my gosh....Brandi, congratulations...a girl! How fun!

Brandi said...

Thanks, Ladies! We are happy!