Monday, 19 January 2009

What do you think?

I was thinking of switching plans to Weight Watchers. Does anyone have any helpful advise or words of wisdom. My thinking is that I am eating too much food and this will get me used to eating a reasonable amount of food. Maybe? I have had success on the program before and my beloved husband was thinking he would try it again. Perhaps it would be fun to do together and cheer each other on. (Not that we couldn't being on different plans.) I was thinking it would be great to get other opinions. Thanks.

Oh and someone else really needs to be writing on here sometimes. I am sick of seeing my own posts.


Brandi said...

My $.02 is it is much easier if you both are on the same plan (or if just one of you are dieting) but I can't imagine being on 2 different plans. That would be tough.

Would you go to the meetings and stuff? That makes a big difference, but is of course a cost in time and money.

Elly said...

I am suspecting that weight watchers is not too different. you have just done the phase 1 of South Beach which seems to me is very good for breaking the sweet tooth and retuning your palate to the healthier stuff so maybe switching is the right way. However do it in a positive way rather thatn thinking South Beach hasn't worked. That way you aren't just lurching from one thig to another - then next month it might be another plan. Is that fair comment?
Two different eating plans are possible but depends on your family's habits I think.

Nikki said...

Great thoughts ladies. Weight watchers is a little different. You do eat anything you want, but you have to see how many points it has. I get 22-27 points in a day. Veggies are ) most friut is 1. Its calcutaled by fiber calories and fat.
I totally agree that i shouldn't thing the beach hasn't worked. It worked so great for me the first time, its just slower going this time. I am a total fan of the beach. I just think this might help my food issues more than the beach cause once you are out of points for the day...too bad for you. And I eat too much!!! I think I will give it a try this week and I will let you know how it goes.

Cristina said...

Nikki, if you're husband is thinking of doing WW too, then I think it would be nice for both of you to do it together. I think both of you on the same plan, working together, would work towards your advantage.
I've done WW before and like it BUT beware of this...I would eat within my points BUT I would find myself using my points towards some not so healthy stuff SO...don't fall into that. Eat your veggies and fruits and continue to limit your not so healthy snacks. :)

Cristina said...

Oh and I definitely think the meetings are worth it...they are very motivational and uplifting plus you really want to keep loosing since you've got a line of people behind you watching you weigh in. :)

Nikki said...

I know the meetings would be great!!! We simply can't afford them though. I will have to have you all be my meetings!!!