Monday, 5 January 2009

January 5th 2009* - A day we've not had before, and won't see again. Let's make the most of it

Good morning, Happy New Year and Hurrah for Mondays.

I feel a bit like I've let this blog lie fallow a while too long, and that's also been reflected in my weight-loss (I haven't lost!). So I'm here, I'm back. Get ready for Debs' revitalised return!

I just want to publicly say thank you to Tami for all that she's put in to One Weigh or Another over the last couple of years. I treasure her as a friend, and I've been so blessed by her commitment. I pray that God will bless her and her family in this decision.

Right then, let's get weighing in!

* oh the irony of getting the year wrong!


Debs said...

(start of year weight/today's weight/short term goal)

Elly said...

162.6/163.8/goal is to stay around 164.
We are having all weather's today. Started with snow then sleety rain. Now sun is shining but wind is chilly and just a few minutes ago it was sleeting again. That's British weather for you.
I am feeling rubbish, I ache from coughing so good intentions about exercise are not happening yet awhile. We will miss Tami. She has been inspiring.

Brandi said...

That's up 3.5 in the past 2 weeks...should have been more like up 2, but I gave into the holiday gluttony a few too many times. Oh well, it would have been much, much worse if I had just stuffed my face whenever I felt like it like I have in holidays (and pregnancies) past! ;-)

Pig wot flies said...

Um, Debs, you do know it's 2009?

188 this morning. Urgh! Last time I weighed myself was New Year's Eve, when I was 184. Oh dear. That is obviously what a few days of partying and too much food does to me.

Right. Something MUST change.

188/188/180 (stg)

Nikki said...

190/186/150 That is down 4 this week. Nat bad, but honestly, I was wanting to lose 7. I know that sounds crazy, and a little stupid, but the first time I did phase 1 I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks! Oh well, 4 isn't bad at all. I know that is still a lot for a week. Cristy F...are you still starting phase 1 today? I haven't forgotten about you!!!

Cristina said...

New Year, new starting weight...
190/190/179 (stg)

ChristyF said...

I am with Cristina..New year, new starting weight..


Awesome Nikki! I hope I can report that kind of loss soon. Thanks for checking up on me..I actually started back on phase 1 yesterday. So far so good!

Nikki said...

Oh good for you for not waiting! That right there is a really good sign! Good luck today. For me, the first 3 days are the hardest, adn then it becomes more normal. Hang in there. Like my dear husband said durring one of my cravings..."its not worth it babe!" That is all I needed to hear to remind me...ITS ONLY FOOD!!! WHY DO I THINK I NEED SO DARN MUCH OF IT!!!???

Bird said...


Ok, I'm up 1.5 from last week. As PigWot said, that's thanks to too much eating and partying down over the holiday. I'm glad it wasn't worse, I sort of stopped the bleeding on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm calling my shot: A 3 pound loss for next week!

Jessica said...

New Year, new starting weight sounds about right. That puts me at 200/200/170.