Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Quick Check-in

How's your week going? Are you staying on plan with your eating? Are you moving your body?
Any New years resolutions you'd like to share?

My little sister is getting married in the summer and I'm going to be one of her bridesmaids, so I'm resolving to get in shape for that :)


ChristyF said...

Hi guys...I was planning to make a short post of this, but I'll ask here. I really could use prayer today. There are some things weighing on me right now and I don't know what to do. Please if you have a moment..remember me.
Thank you all.

Nikki said...

Christy...Praying right NOW!I am doing great on plan, nut a little bored with phase 1. I can't wait to see it end!!! Though I haven't lost as much as I was wanting to while on phase 1, but I think I can be good enough on phase 2 to keep it coming off. We'll see. I am so tired of the same things to eat! OH well, its almost over!

Debs said...

praying too, Christy.

I need to actually get on diet at all. This weeks been a bit of a write-off for one reason or another. Here's to a better evening and a good day tomorrow.

Cristina said...

ChristyF, you've got my prayers.
Nikki, stay on track. You've come this far on phase 1 and you're just about done, so stick with it. Don't worry about the weight coming off slowly...that just means it'll be easier to maintain. ;)
Debs...get your butt in gear girlfriend! You've got a wedding to attend! You know I say that with'd do the same to me. :)
As for me, so far so good this week. I had an aweful holiday...well, it was good but aweful in the sense that I went way overboard with food. So, as of this Monday...back on track. Read all about it on my blog. I've been good with my food journal this week...yeah! Now, if I can just keep it up through the weekend...weekends are soooo hard.

Nikki said...

Thanks Christina, I was feeling WAY discouraged today that more weight hasn't come off. How is it going to come off in phase 2 if it won't come off on phase 1??? I think its been too much sugar-free this or that. Oh well, I am set on getting rid of this weight, so I WILL do it! I aslo have not been having lite cheese, but I bought some last night. Oh and I think I need to eat more veggies. They just haven't been sounding good to me. I think I burnt myself out on them when I did SB before. I need to eat them more!!! Thanks for letting me rant! Have a great day everyone!