Thursday, 26 February 2009

Game Plan

I really do have a game plan. It's not the best but it's a plan.

So, I didn't weigh in this week. I meant to but I really forgot and now I'm afraid. I've been eating terribly and it's mainly because I found out that my gym is having a Biggest Loser competition and I'm going to sign up.

The contest starts this Sunday, March 1st. Everyone that is entering, has to get their measurements done between March 1st and March 14th. So I plan on weighing in and having my measurements taken this Sunday...the sooner, the better.

So, since I'm planning on taking on this challenge, my healthy eating has gone out the window. I know I shouldn't look at it that way but...well, no excuses...

Anyways, this coming Monday I'll do weigh in and you all keep tabs on me...I will be dropping pounds every week...I want to win!

Oh...not sure who partakes in giving up something for Lent BUT I decided to give up chocolate!!!! God help me. :) Actually, help my husband...ha!


ChristyF said...

Awesome Christina!

You will do great. And giving up chocolate...that is soooo hard.

Good luck.

Nikki said...

I am totally impressed you even have a game plan. I don't even have that. I am growing by the minute and need to get motivated again. I think its great that you are in a contest. Will be great! I know you will do great! Hang in for the long hawl, you can do it!