Monday, 13 September 2010

Quickie post

This will be written in the period of time between putting a sweet potato in the microwave for Sophia and it being ready!
So, there you go, why not weigh in?!


Debs said...

No change for me - I did go a bit lower in the week, but then went back up. Had a tough few days cos I've had this lingering headache that I can't shift, but will do my best-est to stay on track today.
(and going well so far. Met a friend for a drink and chat in a cafe in town and bought a bottle of water and a mini-cheese to eat. I was really excited when i saw they had some individual cheeses for sale as well as all the normal cakes etc)

Debbie said...

Thanks for always putting up the Mon weigh in posts for us, Debs! And like I always say, staying the same is better than gaining!

Here's my official weigh in:
255/246.8/239.8 (stg)

That's only down 2 ounces. Lol! It was a very busy week (prob my busiest week in 3 months!) and I didn't get the opportunity to do much exercise. I was worried I may have a slight gain, but am pleased w/ even the slightest of losses. I figured when I started that's the way it would go with me. Slow and steady wins the race . . .

ChristyF said...

153/151/135 Down 2! I almost forgot to post. I am trying to do this from my phone so I have to keep it short. Have a good night guys!

Debs said...

yay, that's great Christy :)
And like you say Boo, a loss is still a loss, and not a gain!

Pig wot flies said...


Trying! And went down this week, though I think that's more random fluctuations that actual good eating.