Wednesday, 8 September 2010

What are you putting in your trolley*?

Now it may not be totally obvious, but in this photo Miss Sophia is sat in a shopping trolley with a book. Throughout that shopping trip she tried to drop the book into the trolley (and out), and then insisted that I give it back to her.

Anyway, when you go shopping, what are you putting in your trolley? Are you setting yourself up for success or failure?
(Also, now I think about it, any products that you're currently buying/using/eating that you'd like to recommend?)

* aka cart


ChristyF said...

I don't have time to share what's in my cart( that), but I have to say that Sophia is so cute!!!! ;) Great picture. She seems to always be smiling. Okay, now I'm going to bed. I'll get back on topic tomorrow. Nite!

Tami said...

Hiya Debs!!!! Yeppers. I still check in every once in a while. :-)
Sofia is a doll. LOVE her eyelashes. In the southern US...well...TN anyways we call the trolley a buggy. Currently our buggy/cart/trolley gets filled with loads of produce (which I could afford all organic), lots of grains, soy milk/creamer for myself and very little meat. Jeff and I have mostly given up meat from the grocer but can't afford much of the free range meat. We now gather our own eggs from the backyard and I purchase raw milk a couple times a month. A couple weeks ago I made cheese for the first time. Mozz for the kids and ricotta for the mister and I.

Debs said...

Tami Tami Tami!
I have so been trying to find your email and failing.
Can you email me if you still have mine, pretty please?!

(I love you too Christy F!)

Debs said...

I love buying baby spinaich (sp?) leaves at the moment. They make a salad more interesting and then when you've had them a few days and they're past their best you can toss them in curry or whatever you're cooking.