Monday, 27 September 2010

Shake, Rattle and Roll

What exciting exercise do you have planned for the week ahead? I know that sometimes I get bored with the same old same old, so I think it's time to mix things up, shake our booties and get movin'.
And while we're here, let's share some numbers.


Debs said...

290! The scale said i was down 5! I could barely believe it.
I think that's my stg reached
(I'm sure some of that was water cos I've been weeing for England the past couple of days!)

Elly said...

hurrah Debs. you can do it

Debbie said...

Wow! Congratulations, Debs! Weigh to go, my friend!

My #'s are:
255/244.6/239.8 (stg)
That's up .4, and rightfully so! I had some ice cream a few times in the week and then some chocolate cake when celebrating Brandi's mom's bday on Saturday. I did exercise 3 times last week, but I would've liked to do more. Oh well. I'm just thankful it's not up more than that. I need to get back on track, altho I fear I haven't done too much better today!

This week we're FINALLY getting a bit of a break in the heat, so I fully intend to take advantage and get some walking done. I was at the dr w/ my grandma, so I doubt it will happen today, but I'll head out tomorrow and report back here!

ChristyF said...

153/153/135. Up 2.

Not the direction I like, but I knew it was coming. I did not eat well while I was at my conference or over the weekend. But back on the horse today!

I am also hoping to start the P90X vidoes again this week. Life has been so busy and stressful lately. Please keep my family in your prayers as we are having my youngest son tested for learning disabilities. So far, we are pretty sure he is Dyslexic. The testing so far seems to raise more questions that gives answers, so there will be more tests. He is really struggling and needs prayer. When I get a chance, I will post everything about his situation. You all work with children and quiet possibly could offer advice. Have a great night!

Pig wot flies said...


Down 1.7kg from last week, despite the freak-out below.

Trying to stay eating the right things and cycling more often. Off to the library today.

Elly said...

Good girl pigwot, that's a good loss.

Christy hang in there. Its hard to keep to good eating when life is happening at a fast pace.Hope you get some clarity over your son's diagnosis. I find proper diagnosis gives you power because it gives a reason for the difficulties ie not being stupid and ways of tackling it.

Debbie, keep away from the icecream! Hope you manage to fit in the exercise. enjoy the cooler weather. Don't give up.

And in case anyone is interested I am holding steady at around 166 lb which is the goal I reached in 2008. I have been up a few pounds in between but glad to say i am back where I should be.