Monday, 25 May 2009

hey, it's Monday again

That came around quick!
Who's weighing in today?


ChristyF said...

Guess I'll be first....I'm the same this week. I am up 15 lbs from my lowest, so it is time to get my butt in gear. I have said that over and over again...but now I have to be serious!!!

Hope you all had a great Memorial day~

Debs said...

Hi Christy! It is pretty slow around here. I guess partly because it's been a holiday weekend here and there (UK and US).

Cristina said...


Up 2.

We took a little trip over the weekend and I just blew my eating healthy...had way too much ice cream and m&m's.

My biggest loser competition ends this week at the gym, so I will weigh in on Thursday...maybe, just maybe, I can get back down to my STG of 179 by then.

Elly said...

away so no scales till Thursday morning.
Not sure eating is very good

Pig wot flies said...

Er, I was away from my scales on Monday and now I'm too scared to look.

Try again Monday morning!

Elly said...

Um. up 3 pounds so better get back on track.