Wednesday, 20 May 2009

How are we doing?

How is everyone doing this week with staying on track? I know its only Wednesday, but have you been making the effort to lose??? Also, what is everyone planning for the weekend to keep loosing and not gain back what you lost earlier in the week? Keep movin'!


nikki said...

I have lost 3 lbs since Monday! I have been doing really well with my eating, but better than that, I have been exercising more. It feels great to see the scale move down and not up! I have 8 more before June 12, so I have a lot of work to do! For the weekend??? I am having 9 people over Sat for dinner and I think I will make tostadas so it will be on my plan. That about covers it. How are all of you doing? I really love that we all have eachother for support. I can't tell you how much you guys mean to me!

Cristina said...

Nikki, you're so sweet! Thanks for checking in on us and that's awesome that you've lost 3lbs!!! Rock on! Stay on can do it...even though it's a holiday weekend...imagine reporting that loss on Monday and being that much closer to your goal.

I've been on track all week and am determined to stay on track over the weekend. We're taking a little weekend trip over the holiday it'll be hard. I'll be out of my element and won't be able to get my workouts in on Sat and Sun, but I'm going to do my best. I NEED to do my best because next week the biggest loser competition at the gym ends, so I want to be in top 5!!!
I'm doing boot camp at my gym too and we have homework each week. This weeks homework was to create a menu for Memorial Day. Check my blog later this week for my menu, maybe you can get some ideas. :)

nikki said...

WOW, sounds great! You can totally stay on track while you are away, just plan ahead. Looking forward to checking in on your blog!

Elly said...

Am struggling a little this week. Scales just creeping up since Monday so a bit discouraged. I think I am having too many snacks (healthy ones like nuts but just too often).
I need more exercise and a am bit demotivated at the moment although i did my weekly swim yesterday. Too much sittng at the computer and getting aching shoulders. Worrying about stuff to do but not doing it. Am off to see my parents for a few days so won't be weighing in on Monday. Aim to be disciplined with eating before I go (Sunday afternoon). Not sure what will happen while I am there but I find it easier when I am with people. I think too much time at home alone is my downfall at the moment.

nikki said...

Hang in there Elly. Don't let yourself be discouraged. Have a great time with you parents, stay on plan, but allow yourself some slack. Weigh in Tuesday so you still feel somewhat accountable for your eating this weekend.