Monday, 4 May 2009

Its Monday...Weigh yourself!

I hope nobody is bothered that I put this up. Just thought I would help out. I am not trying to step on any toes here. How is everyone doing with weight loss? How about exercise and water intake. Why don't we all set goals for ourselves for the week. Tell us you personal goal and we can all check in on each other.
Lets not spend the summer fat and frumpy friends. Won't we have more fun in the sun if we are taking care of ourselves?!!! I am sure that I will! I hate being all self conscious wearing shorts. I actually haven't worn shorts in years (except with a bathing suit) cause I am always worried about my legs. I am a capri girl, but it would be nice to add in some shorts this year! Lets get healthy! NOW!!!


Nikki said...

I weighed in at 184.5 or so. That is down 1.5. I am happy with that. I really like how I have been eating so I think its working for me. As for this weeks goals... 3 lb loss, drinking way more water, and exercising 5 days. That is a huge goal cause I hardly ever fit that in. I really want to get healthy though, and not just get the numbers down. It needs to become my lifestyle, not a phase. So here we go this week. Elly, sounds like you are being really well rounded about your weekend and phase 1. Nice job!!!

Cristina said...

Thanks for putting up the post Nikki!

Great job on the weight loss and your goals look good!

Busy, busy at I'll put up my goals later and weight in later this week.

Debs said...

Totally wasn't stepping on any toes Nikki, thanks :)
I'd intended to put a post up, but i've just been really busy. We had a day off work - may bank holiday, and i went for a walk with some friends this morning, and we had a bbq with lots of friends over this afternoon.
I really need to work on getting more exercise.

Debs said...

I think i'm going to spend the summer fat and frumpy, but being pregnant will be my excuse!

nikki said...

Yeah, but babies are totally worth fat and frumpy!

ChristyF said...

I am really in a rut. No change in the weight. But I am determined to start phase one again very soon. Just need to go to the grocery store to stock up.

Elly said...

Down 2 yesterday and down 2 more today so feel that going back to Phase 1 realy worked despite the not so good eating at the weekend. Will do a few more days I think. Am at 166.6 this morning. Want to be at 164.

Goals are probably not weight related. make sure I swim this week - it is easy for it to get pushed out and probably get back on the bike at least once. Getting it out of the shed again would be a start!

But mainly i need to keep on top of work and house and not get discouraged and so grind to a halt. Last week was productive and I had a good chilled out weekend so am feeling hopeful. Am tackling some housework today.

Go Nikki, go girl.

Cristina said...

Gosh, I haven't posted my weight on here since April 13.

Down 2.8 since last weigh in.

My goals for this week are no over indulging...all week...including Fri, Sat and Sun!

nikki said...

Great job Elly and Christina! I am totally impressed! I don't know why, but after doing SB the first time when I lost 30lbs, I just don't lose anything when I do it now. I wish it still worked for me the way it did. Boy was it fun to watch the lbs fly off. Oh well! I am soooo glad you are doing so well on it Elly. Great goals too. I walked to a video yesterday for 2miles. That is huge for me! No weight change though this am, so that was a little discouraging. OH well. Keep up the good work ladies.

Christy F. I totally hate the feeling of being in a rut. I have spent so much time there. I will pray for you. I understand how stinking hard it is to give God your diet. I struggle with it everyday. Hang in there.

Cristina said...

Nikki, don't get discouraged. I know it's easier said than done, but you keep doing good and the pounds will start coming off.
I read an article not too long ago how dieting off and on affects your metabolism. So it could be that you're body is still trying to figure out what's going on and hasn't quite caught up. You just keep on eating healthy and exercising and you'll start seeing results.

Elly said...

I suppose I find SB a good way for me. i don't follow it slavishly or beat myself up when I go off plan but I do find the principles work for me. It's a good measure. This is the first time I have gone back to phase 1 because I felt I had slipped back into bad habits and the pounds were just gently creeping back. I am very determined that having lost 3 stone (sorry that is UK speak -actually 42 + pounds)and gone down 3 or 4 sizes in clothes I am just not going back.
Christina is right that 2 much dieting gets our bodeis confused so we have to concentarate on eating healthily and losing slowly. however I think your goal is achievable so you go girl we are rooting for you.

nikki said...

Thanks you guys. I was even more discouraged today cause I still haven't lost anything else. Its so frustrating. I do think my pants are getting a little looser, but still!