Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hello? Anyone out there?

Anyone who remembers me, at least???

My apologies for completely disappearing from the blogosphere, especially this site! Life just got busy and then I got lazy and wasn't even bothering with keeping track of my weight. Well, I'm hoping to change all that now!

A brief update of where I've been: I spent 6 months working/volunteering at The Nightshelter, a ministry of The King's Arms Church in Bedford, UK. It was something I had been hoping to do for years and was very happy to finally make it over! Unfortunately, when I tried to go back for my second 6 month stint I was turned away at the border. Unbeknownst to me the Brit's changed their entry clearance guidelines for charity workers, so I was not allowed into the country since I didn't have the proper visa and my previous visa had expired. I was devastated and didn't have the means to reapply and buy a new plane ticket, so I've been home and working on my next step. It's still up in the air, but hopefully things will come together soon!

So I've been wallowing at home, not doing much of anything for over two months now. And because money is beyond tight, I've used it as an excuse to eat an obscene amount of JUNK. Not a good combination. So yesterday I started phase 1 of South Beach. I'm just going slow and steady and setting small goals for myself.

I don't expect a dramatic weightloss since it's so very difficult for me to lose weight. I know some of it is physical/hormonal problems but with no insurance I'm not going to the doctor to get checked out anytime soon (and even if I did go I probably couldn't afford the meds nor really want to take them!). So I'm working on changing my lifestyle -- exercising regularly, making healthy food choices and taking whatever vitamins and supplements my body needs. I always tend to do one or two of those things but NEVER all three at the same time.

I need some accountablitiy to do this, so I plan to start blogging here again. I figure if I check in everyday and let y'all know what I eat and if I've exercised then that will give me the kick in the bum that I need! So, I hope that's ok with all of you!


Cristina said...

Hi Debbie, glad to see your back. Looks like you've got your mind made up to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can do it!

Nikki said...

GOod for you! This is where is starts. Accountability. Keep to it! Don't let you talk yourself into any bad choices! I have been doing that a ton. NOT GOOD! We are totally here for you! Also, a friend of mine has polly systic (sp?) ovarian syndrome and it makes it harder for her to lose weight but also will likely to be cured if she does loose weight. Look into that, sounds like you could be experiancing some of what she does. Anyway, that was just a thought. Good luck! Go to God. I think we think we can do this on our own, but just like any sin, we need Him to get us through!

Debbie said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, girls!

Nikki, a few years back my former doctor was almost positive I had polycystic ovarian syndrome 'cause I had every single symptom (still do), but the tests came back negative. So did the tests on my thyroid. But I've always felt they missed something. So I dunno. You're right about going to God. I've been praying for healing for ages. Still am.

Nikki said...

Well Debbie, I am thinking of doing this with you but every time I have tried since the 1st time, I have failed. I have gained back all 30 lbs I had lost when I had started with all of you and I need to get it off. I just don't know if SB is the best way for me now or not. I lost 15lbs the first time I did it in 2 weeks and then 15 over the next 2 months. Seems like every time I try now I lose a half pound or something annoying. I will have to pray about it cause I have a problem with giving God my eating for some reason! Hope today is easy for you!!!

Brandi said...

Good for you, Debbie! Just take it one day at a time. You can do it!

Elly said...

yay welcome back Debbie