Tuesday, 18 November 2008

An example week

Weigh in, not particularly like the number I see on the scale. Looking after the kiddos, so meals sometimes take place at funny moments/are interrupted, get bored/feel sad, decide to comfort myself, after it's Monday, so there's a whole week before we have to weigh in again.

Similar to Monday, it's still the beginning of the week, often have the kids. Try a bit harder, but still seem doomed to fail. Wander aimlessly around the kitchen looking for something to eat.

Middle of the week, feeling ok. Generally do alright with eating. Maybe have one 'cheat'

Church small group night, there's always lots of treats on offer. Try hard to resist, but somehow later find myself eating absent mindedly.

Teeny tots in the morning - have to try to resist the biscuits, sometimes go for lunch afterwards, Pizza Hut and the lunch buffet are the nearest and cheapest options. Load my plate with salad, but somehow lots of pizza makes it onto my plate. Spend the evening going out for a meal with friends/boyfriend, or down the pub drinking things like coke.

Get up early for church prayer meeting. May grab something to eat on the way, go for breakfast with a group of people afterwards, go tutoring, go home, grab something else to eat - not lunch exactly as had a big breakfast at 10am. Snack my way through the rest of the day, eat dinner either out with friends or at home with family.

Try really hard to resist the cakes after church, when they come past you for the 10th time give in and grab a piece of shortbread or chocolate brownie. Go out for lunch. Realise that I'd made rubbish decisions all week, and so give up on the diet and end up eating lots of crisps (chips), and bread and other delightful carbs, including pudding.

Wake up and go bleugh at the number on the scale.


Debs said...

I wasn't sure whether to post this or not. I'm trying really hard to be aware of what I put in my mouth this week, and to make a concerted effort to exercise too. We shall see what the numbers say next week.
I guess I just wanted to lay it out there so that I can see where my temptations lie, and also to show other people who are struggling that pretty much we all are in one way or other!
Think about a 'typical' week for you. You don't have to blog it, but just try to identify particular week points and what you can do about them.

ChristyF said...

Great post.. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to put some thought into this one.

Bird said...

Having a better week?

Debs said...

In some ways yes - I'm doing better at controling my eating during the day. Unfortunately i then seem to eat anything and everything in the evenings. So i need to work on that.
I have no idea what the scale will say on monday. I weighed this morning and i didn't like what i saw. We shall see.
Thanks for checking up on me :)