Wednesday, 12 November 2008

It doesn't count because....

I think I'd figured out one of the reasons why the scale isn't moving for me.
I've been making excuses, telling myself that certain things don't count under certain circumstances, when actually, at the end of the day, if it's going in my mouth, it counts.
I think I need to get back to journaling my food for a few days and see what's really going into my mouth.

Here are a few I've caught myself using.

It doesn't count if I eat it when I'm out of the house.
It doesn't count if I've been carrying it around in my bag for a few days (fruit/nuts/chocolate)
It doesn't count when I eat it because I'm hungry just before bed.
It doesn't count if I just help the kids finish off their dinner.
It doesn't count if I'm eating it off someone else's plate.

The problem is, it always counts.
What excuses have you been using?!


ChristyF said...

My issue is all the traveling. I make some good food choices, but I give into the bad ones way too easily. In the beginning, I would have just said NO!! My schedule should settle down soon. Hopefully that will be my ticket to good behavior again. :-)

Missy said...

All those and then:

"It doesn't count if I'm busy."

Cristina said...

I've had a stressful day, so it doesn't count.

Nikki said...

It doesn't count cause I already blew it today! That is my problem! If I make 1 bad choice I think the whole day should be shot!!!

Bird said...

It doesn't count because I can make my own decisions.

tisha85 said...

It doesn't count if I'm driving and eating.

Your post made me laugh because I can relate to so many points you made. I'm going to start journaling again. When I tracked my food intake - even all the bad stuff - it really helped.

Brandi said...

It doesn't count if I'm celebrating. Holidays, anniversaries, accomplishments, bad day, good day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (day before Monday), Thursday (day before Friday,)Wednesday (hump day) get the picture!