Monday, 17 November 2008

Good morning

Walk this weigh to share your weight.

(I really need to work with coming up with something catchy to say on these weigh-in posts. Blest was so much better at them than me!)


ChristyF said...

Debs...your posts are great and very catchy!!

I'm up... 144. So I am starting over today.(I've said that before, but I have to now. My clothes are starting to get too tight!)


Have a great day!

Pig wot flies said...

185.6/184.4/180 (stg)

Down 0.6 despite a not very well-behaved week. Huh? Maybe there's some sort of time delay on my weight. I've been bouncing around 185 for weeks now. I suppose maintaining is better than gaining, but I want those numbers to go down. Especially if I'm going to wearing a bridesmaid's dress next summer.

Elly said...

Still down a bit on the usual after last week's tummy upset. Think it may creep up a little this week but I don't mind if it doesn't. Aim is to maintain at or around 166 mark.

Tami said...

189.2 -1.4
Under 190!! Woot Woot! Working on keeping it that weigh. I was out of town all weekend to so it makes it even nicer that my weight stayed down.

Brandi said...

I'm happy for you, Tami!

126.5 I am up 2
Although I am preggy and expected to gain...I am not supposed to gain much this first trimester. I have been feeling bad the past couple of weeks and I know I have been using food for comfort from time to time. I am thankful for these weigh-ins. I think they will help me have a healthy weight gain during pregnancy for once! :-)

Cristina said...

Gosh, I was looking back at my weigh ins and I think the last time I actually posted my weight was the end of Oct and I was 189. Well, still lingering...I weighed in at 188 today. I need to get the scale moving down because my goal is <180 by 12/31/08 and this is the hardest time of year.

Tami, you and I are are about the same...we can do it!!!!

Tami said...

Weigh to be here ladies! Debs, you posted but didn't weigh in?????? Where's everyone else?

Jessica said...

194.5--down 1.5.

Debs said...

well spotted Tami. That was partly cos my weight was so icky that I didn't want to think about it, and partly that I went out for the evening and din't get back until late, and totally forgot to weigh in then!

I was at 218.2 Which is up a couple since last week, and horrible horrible horrible. I'm going to write a post about it today.

Debs said...
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Bird said...

No change from last week.