Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Confession time

So, after nearly a month of making great food choices, I had to have it....could not resist....sooooI gave in and drove through and got it- A BIRTHDAY CAKE MILKSHAKE from Zaxby's. Oh my goodness- it was fabulous!!!!! It is my absolute favorite ice cream flaver too! I do believe I will not burst into flames or suffer any long term damages from one milkshake, but I needed to confess. ;-) Haha- maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but the milkshake was really-really good. I have decided to allow myself one every few weeks as a treat. It will give me something to look forward to after working hard for a while. Thank for listening-'er- "reading" my confession.


Debs said...

I don't think a treat every once in a while is a problem. I was talking about this with menard yesterday - with regards to my eating, and was saying that my problem was i was treating myself every day or even every meal, and that just won't work, in fact, that's how come I put on so much weight.

So, get back to it, and don't get discouraged, you can do it!

Debbie said...

Yeah, I agree w/ Debs, Christy -- a treat every once and a while isn't a problem, esp if you're good and consistent all the rest of the time. Otherwise, you may just lose all self-control and then overdue it when you finally succumb. But that's just my(our) thoughts; you need to do what's best for you. But no more more birthday cake milkshakes for the rest of the month!!!

And Debs, I'm so there with you -- having a treat nearly every day, rather than just once and awhile. I personally need a regular routine to help keep me on track, which is hard to come by w/ a part-time job that has different hrs every week!

Missy said...

Ditto to all the wisdom above! That is the trap, isn't it girls - not saying yes every once in a while, but saying yes every time.

Also, good on you Christy for the confession! I think it's easier to get over it and get back on track when I stay real about it.

ChristyF said...

Thanks! I am already looking forward to the next one! I will wait a while or I may become addicted. A few years ago, I had fooled myself into thinking the daily smoothie that I was having was healthy. Well, maybe 1/4 of it would have been, but not the whole thing. Needless to say, I didn't lose any weight and I was indeed addicted. NOT AGAIN. ;)