Monday, 16 August 2010

G'day folks

It's that wonderful time of the week when we get to step on the scales and check out how we're doing on this journey. Remember, if the numbers go down then it's fantastic. If they go up it's a chance to re-evaluate how we're doing, make some adjustments, and keep on going.

So, what's your number?


Debs said...

ok, so my scales were being most uncooperative this morning - giving me a range of about thirty pounds, so I figured either the bathroom floor is too uneven in this house, they need new batteries, or they've just been bashed about too much. Whatever it is, I decided to resort the the wii fit instead.

I didn't weigh on that last week, so i'm not totally sure what i've lost (given that there may be a difference between different scales).
But it confirmed that my highest weight was 316, and told me that I'm 300lb today.So that sounds good to me :)

316/300/296 (stg)

Pig wot flies said...


Down a little bit from last week, but not really much. TBH I'm mostly concentrating on not eating too much, eating healthily and not binging on chocolate. Life's quite stressful enough without adding in the lack of energy and crabbiness that comes from reducing my calories. Will try to keep either going down very slowly or at least not going up.

Elly said...

pig wot.
suggestion, concentrate on cutting out the carbs but otherwise not worrying too much about calories. Don't foget the healthy snacks. Better not to let yourself get hungry.

Missy said...

197.5/196.5/183 Down 1. The only thing I changed this week was saying no to sweets consistently. I had a day or two that some chocolate sauce appeared on my bananas or a friend shoved dessert at me, but overall I was pretty good. Pig wot, slow is good. :) That's a sneaky scale, Debs, but good job defeating it. ;)

Debbie said...

Great job, everyone!

Here are my stats:
255/250.4/249.8 (stg)

Down 4.6!! Not too shabby, eh? I've been exercising consistently, drinking loads of water, and watching portions as well as what I'm eating. And I'm not depriving myself. I wanted a brownie, so I had half and put the rest away. I wanted some bday cake, so I served a small square, had 3 bites and then threw the rest away. Hopefully, this new-found self-control will last for awhile!

It's amazing how after only a few days I was starting to feel more energetic and less stressed. And there are LOADS of stuff to be stressed abt at the moment.

ChristyF said...

153/154/135 up 1!

Not thrilled with with my weigh in today, but will not give up. I have really done well with my food choices. However, I was unable to exercise as much as I would have wanted last week. I also have a most unfriendly monthly visitor!!! We will see how this weeks goes for me.

Great job everyone! I will be there with you next week!

Elly said...

christy don't panic. Probably water retention. Don't give up.

ChristyF said...

Thanks Elly- I hope that's is. I was able to do Tae Bo yesterday, so hopefull will find time to do more cardio tonight.