Monday, 9 August 2010

Here we go....

Yep, like it or not, it's the first weigh-in for a long time. So whatever the numbers, don't panic, just be determined that they will change. And slowly but surely (and sometimes not so slowly!) they will change.

I want to remind myself that it's not just about the weight loss. It's about teaching (or re-teaching) myself to eat healthily, to respect my body and help it to help me live the life I want to be, looking the way I want to look.

We're on a journey, and it's gonna be fun.

You know what, just writing on here again is making me feel inspired and making me want to exercise. Yay! (let's just hope my ankle hurries up and heals)


Pig wot flies said...

OK, I'm joining in! I'm going to be difficult and weigh myself in kilos, though. :)
At the beginning of August I weighed 97 kg. Initial goal 90kg. Therefore:

Debs said...

If kilos work for you, then hey, use kilos!

I weighed 316lb on 5th July or thereabouts, so that's my starting point.

316/304.8/296 (that's where I started last time around, so it seems a good initial short term goal)

Debs said...

ps I have two blogger accounts, so don't get confused if you see me with different pics.

Missy said...

I'm here! It's good to "see" you girls on my reader again. :) I'll do a short post of my journey this last year, but I'll say I'm happy to only have gained about 15 pounds through it all. Today's starting stats: 197.5/197.5/183. I'll use my pre-gain weight as the goal, too.

Debs said...

hey missy! Lovely to see you :)

Debbie said...

HI Bekki & Missy! So happy to see you ladies are joining us!

Here are my stats:
255/255/149.8 stg

I'm setting a small short-term goal to get started so I don't get too discouraged at first. 255 is my weight as of this morning, which is 2.5 more than last wk. I'm hoping maybe it's just water and by next week I'll be down by at least 2 and that will make me very happy! But we'll see.

I'm doing mostly South Beach, but messed up Phase 1 already by having a whole wheat tortilla taco on my way out the door to work this a.m.! Lol. But at least it was whole wheat, eh? I also want to be intentional about upping my fiber intake. I'll be swimming and walking for exercise (more swimming than walking as long as the temps stay near 100 like they've been the past two weeks!).

It's exciting starting this up again!

Debbie said...

HOLD UP! That should be a 249.8! 149.8 is definitely NOT a small goal. LOL!
Sorry 'bout that!

ChristyF said...

Okay, here goes! I have been on Phase one for two weeks now, so I think I have lost around 6 or 7 lbs. We had just returned from vacation a couple of days before I started, and I was retaining lots of fluid for some reason. So, still not too sure what my weight was then. The 6 or 7 lbs is a guess.

Today I am at 153. My goal is to get down to at least 135 by Thanksgiving. I started the P90X workouts a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is WOW! They are tough. I am also going to be mixing in some other things with those dvds. The yoga and stretch are really boring and I just have a hard time going that slow for an hour or more. Apparently to get the "perfect" P90x body, I should do them all, so I assume I will never have that perfect body. ;)I will try to post a picture today. I'm in total agreement with Debs- just posting motivates me!!

ChristyF said...

Debbie- if you are upping your fiber intake. You should really try the FiberOne yogurt. It's fabulous and has lots of fiber!

Debbie said...

Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks, Christy!

I've seen the infomercials for the P90X and it looks so intense! I'm in awe of you for being able to do it!

ChristyF said...

Well how funny I look doing them is another story, but I do like the challenge.

Try the Key Lime Pie. Tastes better than the pie itself. Now, I am gonna have to go get some for myself. I'm off phase one- guess it's ok.

Debs said...

Boo, yeah I was wondering how 149 was a short term goal!!!

I'm on sort of phase one and a half. I'm mostly not eating carbs, but when I do I'm trying to eat wholegrains. And some days I have fruit, some days I don't.