Sunday, 8 August 2010

Here's me (and my mum and a girl from my church)

I don't really like this photo of me, but it wast taken yesterday, so it's recent. (notice the tubigrip bandage on my ankle!) I'm wearing size 28 clothes which is truly truly horrible. So here's to changing that asap (I want to get back into my pre-pregnancy size 16 clothes and maybe even buy some smaller than that.)


ChristyF said...

You are beautiful Debs! You can do it!!!

Debbie said...

I miss my friends in England! And England! :o(

You've done it before, Debs, you can do it again!!!

Missy said...

You taught me big can be beautiful, too! It's just that healthy is more fun. :)

What happened to your ankle??