Thursday, 26 August 2010

I've got the Thursday Feelibg

Right then, you there, how's this week going?!
How are you doing? Have you evercised? Have you stuck to eating what you ought to?
Got a photo you want to share to show your progress?


Debs said...

The Thursday feelibg is what you get on a Thursday when you're typing in a hurry.

Debbie said...

I was wondering what exactly a Thursday Feelibg is . . .

I'm actually doing well this week! Stayed on plan eating. Well, yesterday was the first day I stayed completely on track w/ absolutely no little cheats. And the scale this a.m. was down a lb from Monday! So that's progress! I'm on point w/ exercising, too. But no pic. The change isn't completely noticeable yet.

What about you, Debs???

Missy said...

Haha! I guess we already know you're in a hurry today, Debs. :)

I have been doing fine until last night. One of my kid's friends brought over some outrageously delicious cupcakes her mom made. I had two. :( Being extra cautious today.

Debs said...

well I was on a hurry when i wrote this and auto posted it before we went on holiday!

Today, friday (although a week later) I'm doing GOOD :)
(last thursday was a differnet story, but that's gone!)
Been on track with eating since tuesday, and my belt confirms that story (also had another period, what is my body doing?! so it was probably partly bloat that made my clothes tighter)