Monday, 22 September 2008


I finally have a minute to sit at the computer and write out an intro post. I've been running around crazy for well over a week now, and although it's midnight, I figured it's now or never!

Hi, my name is Debbie, but since my bro, Bird, is also online many have come to know me as Boo. So to avoid confusion (esp since we also have a Debs) I was appointed the name DebbieBoo for the sake of OWOA-ers. Calling me either Debbie or Boo is fine.

Up until three months ago I had been a Kindergarten teacher. I love teaching and loved the kiddos and all the teacher friends I made, but my school was horrendous! Extra long hours, on top of an hour commute each morning and evening, took their toll on me. Plus the extra-curricular requirements -- one or more meetings after school each week, family night every month, fall festival, winter festival, spring festival, hispanic heritage month events, black heritage month events, cinco de mayo celebration, graduations -- you name it, we did it! My coworkers and I joked we were all on a reality show that combined it all - The Apprentice, Survivor, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, AND Project Runway. And since our director wasn't the warmest and friendliest of people, that made working there so much harder.

But I wouldn't exchange those years for anything! It's there that I became good friends with Melissa and she's the reason I even attempted a weightloss journey. I wanted to help her because she was very sick and worried she may not be around for her kids much longer (and she was only 35 at the time!). So I began cooking all our lunches and she supplied all the snacks for the South Beach Diet. We started October 8, 2007. Both of us had noticable weightloss at first, but after a few months Melissa's weight melted away. Mine, not so much. Stress and feeling sorry for myself caused me to cheat here and there until I finally got to the point where I stopped dieting all together. And honestly, I'm not completely back to it.

I lost about 18 pounds total and dropped a size, but plateaued for months. Then eventually started putting some back here and there. So today, I'm pretty much back where I started last year, weight-wise (around 230), but am still noticable smaller than I was (I just saw a friend after over a year apart and she said I look smaller all over, so that helped me feel a bit better).

I'm rather comfortable in my own skin, but I'd like to lose at least 70-80 pounds just to be healthier. Heck, I'd settle for 20-30 if it meant I could fit into some clothes in a really cheap shop I discovered yesterday. Boy, the money I would save while still looking fashionable! But the problem is, it's very hard for me to lose weight. My mom's convinced I have a thyroid prob, but we're not ones to always go to the doctor and I don't have insurance anyway. Besides, I was tested a few years back and it was negative (but that still didn't satisfy mom). Anywho, I've tried many different things, many different times, and it's always the same -- I lose about 10-15 pounds and then stall out until I eventually stop trying. But I'm gonna give it a go again, while praying God puts right whatever may be wrong in my body.

Four days ago I moved to Bedford, England to volunteer at an organization that runs a night shelter. I'll start working in the Shelter tomorrow (prayers, please!). It's been something I've wanted to do for many years now, and finally have the opportunity. It's definitely something I felt God call me to, but I still worry about finances and practical living.

As far as my weightloss strategy, I'll be exercising a lot more since I have to WALK everywhere. No car for me, in jolly ol' England. And I'm using the basic elements of South Beach and good old fashioned portion control. No counting calories for me, though, because I stink at math.

I blog over at Decidedly Wandering and can be found on Facebook and Skype for those who know me. I'm single and am ok with it since commitment scares the heck outta me and I'm not naive to think marriage is all fun and games anymore. Not that I wouldn't answer the phone to any eligible bachlors you may send my way (as long as he loves God, is educated, and has a job and a sense of humor; bonus points if he's also loaded and can pay off my school debt).

And finally, this is what I looked like at my friend Greta's wedding back in June (my hair's usually not curly...). Gotta love that camera angle! ;o)

I guess I should add I'm 28 (how did THAT happen?!) and love my hometown of Houston, TX! And my family! FYI, Bird is my brother, as I mentioned, and Brandi is my lovely sister-in-law.

I don't know how long I'll live in England. As much as I love TX, England also feels like home. I'll be here for at least 6 months, hopefully a year, maybe longer if I find a teaching job. If you'd like to send me care packages, I need Stevia and I'd like a copy of the book The Diet Alternative! And I heard canned pumpkin is hard to find in these parts, so I may need some come October/November/December.

Thanks for sticking with me through such a long post!


Jim said...

If you're looking around for a new diet, I would suggest some kind of low-carb diet. It seems to work well for me, anyway. Best wishes to you.

ChristyF said...

Hi DebbieBoo,

Hope you really enjoy your time in England! Nice to meet you again!

Brandi said...

Hey Boo! I enjoyed reading your post and I will be praying more specifically for you. Love you!

Tami said...

Boo! I am so excited for you to be in England. I know exactly what you mean about being happy with yourself. I truly have moments where I see a picture and am very unhappy about my round mid section but mostly I'm just content. I know that I need to loose more weight for future health purposes but, well...I don't know.