Thursday, 11 September 2008

Waist size

Does anyone know - officially, where IS your waist? Is it the thinnest part? Or round the tummy-button? Or what?
Also, how is it that your weight can go down, but your waist size can go up? (And, no, it's not muscle, and I don't think it's water.)


Pig wot flies said...

Dress-making tips for measuring yourself sometimes suggest finding your natural waist by tying a piece of string loosely around your middle and seeing where it settles. Clearly not so loose it settles on your hips. It probably depends on your shape. If you're not sure, I'd go for the thinnest part of your torso between your bst and hips.

Kimmi Booth said...

When we measure the waist here (I work at curves), we have the lady bend to one side and where it curves in (hopefully :)) is the waist!