Monday, 29 September 2008

Welcome to Monday

The start of another new week. How are you planning to 'fight the fat' this week?
And while you're here, weigh-in!


Debs said...

Oh dear!
Um on last thursday, up up on last Monday.

I'm fighting back by only eating planned foods today, and not letting myself 'graze' on random off plan foods.

Debbie said...

I bought a scale!!! (And I could only afford it 'cause Debs is my benefactor. Thanks Debs!)

Although it's 'caused much depression of spirits in the house, my friend Jez found batteries for it while I was away at church last night. So I did my very first weigh-in this morning.

But it actually fluctuated between 225.6 and 227.8. At any rate, that's down from my first official weigh-in on this site and maybe even five down from my highest over the past month. To double check I stepped on Justyna's scale that's not digital and does stones. It was down a mark (and that was since Thurs, I think. Surprising b/c I wasn't all that good this weekend...)

So let's hope this trend continues! I start my nights tomorrow, so I'll be working all night long! I've planned out my meals to eat during that time, so lets pray I stick to it.

Kimmi Booth said...


Down 2 this week, total 6.5 pounds.

I'm a bit frustrated since I did real good in the eating area. But I know I didn't do better cuz I had a migraine all last week and wasn't able to work out like I wanted. So my goal for this week is to work out every day this week, except for Sunday!

Pig wot flies said...

185.6/183.6/180 (stg).

Up 0.2 from last week, but given a not very well behaved week and my period starting today not too bad.
This week I'm going to plan what I eat more.

Stephine said...


That's down 1 from last monday I think. It's def. down from Friday. I'm surprised because my eating was terrible. I'm going to be working on curbing the sweet tooth this week.

Julie said...

172. That's down 1. Why only 1? I've been on-plan. Maybe lack of exercise. Still, at least it's not up.

Anonymous said...

260/192/140 -2.4
Okay, down 2.4 from last monday. The plan now is just to stick to eating smart and exercise.

Nikki said...

Well here is my official first weigh in on the new sight. Let me add that I really don't want to weigh in cause I have gained so much weight back. Its so annoying that I let myself do this! When I first started with OWOA it was the end of August 07. I weighed 190. Then I lost 30lbs on the South Beach diet in the matter of 3 1/2 months. It was great. I was weighing less than when I got married! It felt great! Well now I am back up to 178. That is more than half of what I lost! So here I am again. Ready to start the beach again today. Phase 1! I am not really looking forward to the next 2 weeks cause I hate how I feel on phase 1, but it is needed for me to lose the cravings for all the junk I love. Pray for me cause I am feeling a bit week in this area. Thanks all!

Jana said...

148.4 That's down three from last week. Soon I'll be back to where I was before my surgery.

I actually exercised this morning - go, me! I think we should have an exercise challenge 'cause I really need to get back on track.

Anonymous said...

Don't be frustrated. 2 is what they (the powers that be) say is a healthy maximum to loose each week. It is said that if you loose more (loose too quickly) then it's easier to put back on. Be thrilled with 2 pounds! I know it comes on so fast and goes so slow but there's 2 pounds that you hopefully won't ever see again.

Brandi said...

within range :-)

Nikki--My friend, you are setting yourself up for disaster with your very own words! Don't worry, I'm here to help :-) I have a challenge for you. Make a list of ten positives (blessings) of being disciplined with your eating. What are the positives of being on phase 1? Speak them out loud when you are tempted to say something negative. I hope this helps!! :-)

You can do this!

Missy said...

191.5 - down 0.5 which is awesome cuz I'm all a-bloat.

I'm gonna fight the fat by keeping busy. I've got in-laws coming for a 10 day visit, so there's much to do!

Nikki said...

Thanks Brandi-

Not sure there are 10 possitives about phase 1! Hehe.

Fitting in my clothes better instead of buying new ones!

Being more energetic when the 2 weeks is up.

Not putting food beofre God.

Um that is all I can think of for now, but they are good enough for me. My pants are so tight today! I can't wait to see how much I lose this week. I refuse to go back up a size, so I am determined!

Jessica said...

I'm hovering right at 200. Well, I didn't make it into the 100s, but I'm happy to lose even a pound. I'm Jewish (in the process of converting, actually), and Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, begins tonight; these coming days are among our tastiest. My goal is to not gain this week--to fill up on the sweetness of God's grace and the new year, rather than the holiday foods.

Elly said...

165.2 - up a pound but still in goal range.
Yes planning is definitely a key to being successful including planned snacks. I found the good thing about South Beach was the snacks. in fact somtimes I felt I was always hungry and always eating but because I travelled with my heatlhy snacks it was ok. Eg hummus and veg sticks, Baby Bel cheese, apple, nuts.
If you are nearing goal it does get harder to lose. Don't despair if its only 1 pound down, it's down and losing too quickly is not good for us. Well done for cling clean Nikki. You can do it again. Prayin for you.

ChristyF said...

140...That's down 1 from Thursday and I think last Monday.

Still up from my lowest, but I'm on my way again.

Nikki-Glad you are back. You can do it!!

Cristina said...

I'm at 192. That's up 2 from last week. I'll be back on track this week with no weekend trips planned for a while. :)

Bird said...

181 -- no change.