Monday, 15 September 2008

Just me

Okay, okay. So I told Debs like 2 weekends ago that I'd get an intro post written up last Sunday (the 7th). So, I'm a little late. Last week I had a friend from TN visiting and the connection speed on my husbands laptop was not the best.

Okay, all about me...(not). I'm a 26 yr old wife and mother to 2. I'm amazed every day at how quickly my little ones are growing and the continual independence they display. After I had my youngest (January of 2006) I weighed somewhere in the ball park of 260. I've worked (ever so slowly) at loosing the weight. I am now starting this blog with a weight of roughly 193. I'm an avid crafter and recently started school in order to obtain a Bachelor of Science and then a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. Sometimes it seems so completely odd to me that I weigh what I weigh and want a degree in nutrition but I do. I learned how to eat from my family and I know that my children watch and learn from me. I want to instill healthy habits in them. I also want to be able to help anyone else that I can particularly people with stories similar to mine. goal is to weigh around 140. I'd say my maintenance range will hopefully be 140-145. Let's see, I now reside in WA (where I was born and raised) but want to go back home to TN. My Granddaddy was from the South and his blood runs deep in these veins. I'm the only one of his current descendants that this love for the south has come out. My husband, children and I lived in TN until the middle of February.

Last but not least I love to use ( ) and ... .

This is a picture taken Friday at Pike's Place Market. I'm the taller one wearing the black top. I seriously can't believe how round my center is. I haven't had a picture taken of me in a long while and I'm glad I have. It's a reality check for sure.

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Debs said...

Hi Tami!
No worries that it took a while, I haven't written mine yet. Firstly it was cos I didn't want it to be all depressed, and now i'm still under the influence of a fever, so I have no idea what might come out!