Saturday, 27 September 2008

Introducing Debs

Hmmm, well, where do I start? I guess most of you probably know at least a little bit about me by now.
I'm 26, I'm currently living in London with my parents. I'm weighing in mostly around 210lb at the moment, and in a way my weight loss is on hold for a bit.

I've been dealing with depression lately, and focusing on just trying to stay on track with my
eating and not comfort eat too much.
Couple that with a badly sprained ankle over a month ago, which means I'm not really able to exercise much at the moment, and it's a recipe to be pretty much stuck. I've lost and gained the same 10lb over and over again, but I think that to be honest, so long as I stick around the same sort of bracket, I'm not too worried at the moment. Obviously, I would like to keep losing weight, but I'm trying to be realistic about it.

I probably have other things I should add, but that's all I've got right now. So instead I've included a few pics of me, taken over the past few days/weeks

This is the most recent one - I had my hair cut last Monday.


Tami said...

Love you Debs!

Debbie said...

I don't think you posted nearly enough pics of yourself. ;o)
Love ya, Debs!!!