Thursday, 11 September 2008

My Name Is Bird, And I'm A Food-O-Holic

I thought I'd do a quick introductory post for you all. My name is Bird (well, that's a nickname actually), and my lovely wife is Brandi. 

I started out in March of 2007 at 231.5 pounds. Thanks to Blest, our former fearless leader, I had the inspiration and the idea (via Brandi) to do Southbeach, and it took off like a rocket! For about the past six to eight months, though, my weight loss has been slooooooooooooow. I think the overall trend is still downward, but I'm wanting to start losing a consistent one to two pounds a week again. Right now I'm at 184, but I fully expect to lose a couple of pounds at weigh in on Monday. (By the way, Debs, I'm totally for another optional weigh in during the week. I think you had that idea.)

Right now I'm not doing Southbeach anymore. I'm doing the whole eat-when-you're-hungry-and-stop-when-you're-full thing. My goal is to get down to 160 ... so here we go! 


Debs said...

Yay bird! Well done for actually writing an into post. I've had it on the mental to-do list to do mine for days, but it hasn't happened yet.

The optional weigh-in idea wasn't mine, but I like it. I'll have a think and get back to y'all about it.

Debbie said...

Aren't we supposed to post a pic, too?

Smooth move . . . . (I'll let Bird complete that sentence)

Anonymous said...

Bird, the optitional weigh in was my idea. What I had suggested was a weigh in on Friday's in addition to Monday because so many of us seem to struggle with the weekend. Whatcha think?

Bird said...

Here's my pic. See me? :-)

Debs said...

bird, that doesn't count!

Debs said...

^(did you see that - if I comment with my other blogger account you see a different pic of me. hehe)