Saturday, 27 September 2008

Presenting Elly

I know that she's not really an official OWOA member anymore, but I thought I'd upload a photo of her from this morning - modelling her recently completed jumper. Doesn't she look good at goal? :)


Tami said...

Elly! You look great! Love the jumper/sweater too. Did you make it or did Bekki possibly? Love, love, love it.

Brandi said...

You look great, Elly! And the jumper (guess that means sweater? I didn't know that!) is beautiful!

Elly said...

I did all the knitting, Bekki sewed it up for me - she's better at that stuff. It's only taken 3 years! Actually its probably a bit big given that I've lost a lot of weight since starting it. But as its a thick sweater for snuggling up in at home when the weather is cold I think it doesn't matter.
Thanks for the compliments.

Debbie said...

HI ELLY! You look fabulous!
I hope I can make my way down there soon to see all of you again!