Friday, 26 September 2008

Heading into the weekend

After weighing myself this morning (yes, after requesting the extra weigh-in to be on Thursday, I totally forgot about it. Whoops!) I can see that I need to be disciplined this weekend and make sure I stay on track with my eating. Cardio exercise is still pretty much a no-no for me - although my ankle is a bit better after some physio, it's still painful. Therefore I need to be extra disciplined about my eating.

I'm gonna try to stay on track, although I'm not sure eating a cold sausage and a portion of blackberry&apple crumble for breakfast was the best start to the day...! I may be going out for lunch today, in which case I will make myself choose something that's on plan.
How are you planning to survive the weekend? ;)


Tami said...

There's no plan to survive. I've just told myself that I have to do it. I do plan on exercising at least 1x each day though. I managed 2x yesterday

ChristyF said...

Hopefully this cold/allergy issue will pass. I have also managed to exercise every day, but Wednesday. It's rainy and cool here, so I don't see much outdoor activity in my weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend.