Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Introduce yourselves, please

Yeah, I know. I haven't written a proper introduction post either, but I've been depressed and had a sickness bug, what's your excuse?
All I'm asking is a quick hello post, which will hopefully include a photo. I don't wanna have to start being mean, but some people need to be around a bit more, hint hint.
(yes, you do need to email Tami and write a post. Cos i'm mean like that!)


Debbie said...

My excuse is a hurricane and an international move. :oP

And Tami, I'll email you on Friday when I'm chillin' at Debs' house . . . as long as she has wifi or if I can use her comp . . .

Love you ladies! See ya on the other side!

Bird said...

My excuse is ... um ... hurricane!

Julie said...

Not sure I'm following... Do I just post the same email I sent to Tami? If so, what's she going to do with them all? If not, what do you want to know that's different?

Debs said...

Julie, I guess the thing is that Tami will summerise the info into one or two sentences about each person. The idea of having an intro post as well was a)to include a photo in it, but b)to say a bit more about yourself if you want to - flesh out some of the details, that sort of thing. I'll write mine, and then you'll get the idea!

Tami said...

Julie, you could also go back and read mine (Tami) and Bird's. The thing I'm workin on is just a few sentences about each team member. The intro post that we'd love to see everyone write will be such a nice way to really try and get to know everyone. More personal.

Do Debs or I help at all?

Brandi said...

My excuses:
3 kids
home responsibilities
slow typist

But i will get to it...

Sorry you're sick! I will be praying for you, Debs.