Tuesday, 30 September 2008

For Nikki

Top Ten Positive Things About Phase One

10. You don't have to think much about what you will eat...there aren't too many options to confuse you.

9. You are forced to learn how to cook and eat lots of vegetables.

8. You have few to no cravings for sweets (after the initial 3 day detox.)

7. Although the initial detox is kinda hard, at least you've got a lot of junk out of your system.

6. Increased energy.

5. You start losing immediately.

4. Your clothes start fitting better immediately.

3. South Beach Cookbooks are really cool.

2. Steak, grilled onions and mushrooms and salad is a really yummy dinner.

And the number one positive about Phase One of South Beach is...................

(drum roll, please...)

1. Brussels Sprouts With Garlic! A recipe that I never would have tried unless I had done Phase One of South Beach. And I LOVE it!! :-)

We're in this with you, Nikki! You can do it! :-)

*Link added for the Brussel Sprouts Recipe*


Debs said...

I have a feeling i might need to join Nikki on phase one for a little while, esp since today I promised my physio friend that I wouldn't hop, junp, or try to climb over things... when seems to suggest exercise is still a long way off.

nikki said...

Come and do it with me Debs. I must say it has been easier than I thought. I have been really good! I am super low on energy, but after tomorrow that should be better.

Thanks Brandi! You are so great!