Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Phase One Recipe

I don't know if you like curry, Nikki, but I thought I'd share the phase one recipe that arrived in my inbox this morning from South Beach Daily Emails.
Just click over to see the recipe..
Indian Vegetable Curry

Anyone else have a phase one recipe they would like to share? Let's have that as a theme for Food Friday this week. (I know not everyone is doing south beach, so please don't get mad at me, think of it as helping out a friend!)

(and even if the recipe has been shared before on the old site, you can share it again here, cos I still haven't finished tagging the recipe archive, so it's a bit hard to find recipes when you're looking for them. If you are trying to hunt down a recipe on the archives site, let me know and I can give you a hand)

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Nikki said...

Thanks so much Debs! You ladies are so great! 4 pounds already gone!!!!!!! You people are awesome!